The dream becomes a reality

Le rêve devient réalité

SHAWINIGAN — The Shawiniganais Jonathan Bédard literally floats on a cloud for a few days. The tennis player 19 years of age has obtained confirmation that it would evolve in the first division of the NCAA as of next fall so that it will align with the Blue Hose of Presbyterian College in South Carolina.

In the beginning of the week, the head coach of the tennis program male, Patrick Fediuk, came the spy to the training in Repentigny. At the end of two sessions, the former head of the sports program of the Academy of the Booms has sufficiently impressed the boss of the Blue Hose to get an agreement in principle very interesting.

Once this step is completed, it will no longer remain as the official documents of the institution to sign to confirm his scholarship. It will thus become the first player from the region to reach the first division of the NCAA since the Jean-Francois Robitaille (Stony Brook, from 2001 to 2004), Charles-Antoine Sévigny (to Mississippi State in 1999-2000) and Simon Lesage (at Mississippi State from 1996 to 1998).

In recent months, Bédard indicated having had discussions with over a dozen programs in the american universities, but none has shown as much interest as the Presbyterian College. “It was not bad morale, a new like that!” launches the athlete to 6pi 2 ” at the end of the wire.

Le rêve devient réalité

Jonathan Bédard received the good news from the mouth of coach Patrick Fediuk.


“The offer I received is even better than what had been mentioned in our early conversations. I get a scholarship for my academic abilities, and another for tennis, which gives a scholarship to be almost complete. This is a perfect scenario!”

The Blue Hose is recognized to be part of the good tennis programs in division 1, in the conference Big South. In Clinton, South Carolina, he will be the only Quebec team tennis. “We should have a good team next season with a good mix of youth and veterans. I’ll be part of five new in the men’s team on eleven players. There are guys from all over the world in the program,” notes Bédard.

For the Shawiniganais, this ascension, until the NCAA completes many years of effort. And he wants his immersion of four years in the country of uncle Sam will allow him to open the doors to the professional ranks.

“I’m not necessarily the typical course of a tennis player who goes to that kind of level. I come from a small place. In Shawinigan, the tennis is still not very developed, even if it is progressing. We didn’t even have a tennis center inside. I am so incredibly glad that Patrick (Fediuk) gives me a real chance to flourish. As soon as we met, there was a beautiful chemistry between us,” says Bédard, well aware of the opportunity that is offered to him.

“I look forward to continuing my progress in taking advantage of the beautiful facilities that will allow me to play outside year-round. In addition, all of this is continuing my academic career which will give me a good degree at the end. While this outcome represents a big relief for me.”


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