Jonathan Huberdeau of transition to Three-Rivers

Jonathan Huberdeau de passage à Trois-Rivières

THREE-RIVERS — A guest will slip among the 355 players that will make the cost of an important provincial tournament of pickleball, from 18 to 20 may at the Coliseum in Trois-Rivières and at the aréna Claude-Mongrain.

Better known for his talents as a hockey player with the Florida Panthers, Jonathan Huberdeau barter his stick to the racket of the sport more and more in vogue. There are actually nearly 2500 members federated in Quebec and the discipline is practiced throughout North America… including in Florida, where there is Huberdeau.

“It is the president of the federation, which has managed to attract here,” says the tournament director Pierre Latour, who also organizes the activities of the league of the FADOQ Mauricie. “It seems that it is just a player. We can’t wait to see him in action!”

Jonathan Huberdeau de passage à Trois-Rivières

Striker Jonathan Huberdeau of the Panthers of Florida.


No, pickleball is not just for people of the golden age. It plays, among others, the CAPS of the UQTR and at the provincial level, leagues, capitalizing on players of all ages to see the light of day. The tournament he will be the biggest ever organized in quebec’s soil, ensures Pierre Latour.

“Repentigny hosts an event that draws nearly 300 people each year, and the past five years. We will have seven fields on each of the two ice cream in the park of the Exhibition.”

The spectators can watch the matches free of charge. A demonstration activity is scheduled for Friday morning, with Huberdeau and his brother.

Invented in the Seattle area there are more than 40 years, the pickleball has gained a lot of followers in the United States in the last years, amongst others due to the accessibility of the sport. The pickleball is played on a badminton court with a racket similar to that of racquetball. The parties last for about fifteen minutes.

In the region, the FADOQ helps to develop the discipline, practice in Trois-Rivières, Nicolet, Shawinigan, Saint-Prosper, Saint-Stanislas, Saint-Boniface and Saint-Étienne-des-Grès. Six outdoor courts were inaugurated at the parc Pie-XII, the last year at Trois-Rivières. The participants of the tournament of Three-Rivers are aged between 16 and 78 years old.


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