It begins, quietly…

Ça commence, tranquillement...

THREE-RIVERS — IN mid-April, the most pessimistic believed that the spring does is point not. The golfers, who have shown enough patience, are finally beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Within ten days, the vast majority of clubs in the region should have opened their doors. All in all, it is a delay of ten days in relation to 2017, a season cut short by the bad weather conditions, it will be recalled.

This is the Godefroy in Bécancour, as the season took off last Friday. At the same time, the golf Rivers Three Rivers launched its activities, a day before the Links O Loup de Louiseville. The catch is that the rain of the last few days has forced the Godefroy to close its field. It is anticipated a re-opening next week.

It was also at this time that most of the clubs in the Region will invite the amateurs of the small white ball to start on their journey. The flood waters that several of them are on the alert. The Vieilles-Forges, the administration anticipates an opening for this Friday. Except in the areas shaded, the ground is in good condition, but the long winter has had an impact. In 2017, the first round had been held on 20 April.

At The Mill, a cleanup will be held may 7, prior to the official opening in the afternoon. On the side of the Ki-8-Eb, the date of may 12th has been circled. Normally, golfers will converge in the first week of may. The same finding at the Marthelinois. The rain makes the maintenance more difficult. We shall notify the members and other golfers call the club before they move, because the land could accommodate guests as of this weekend.

At Pointe-du-Lac, it may be a little longer. Within two weeks, if all goes as planned.

The regulars of the Métabéroutin have more luck. Wednesday afternoon, dozens of hardliners have challenged the route of the island of Saint-Christophe Trois-Rivières. On the spot, the people were obviously excited and were expected other in the early evening. Golf The Rivers, the terrain of practice is available from the 23 march, while the 9-hole executive since Friday. Note, this is not crowded there either. In five weeks, there has been, at best, five days of beautiful weather with favorable conditions.

To Louiseville, the quality of the green has been noticed. No question, however, to use the golf carts, at least not for the moment. There has been a sixty players since the opening, last Saturday.

On the other side of the river, to Gentilly, we would like to initiate the season in the end of the week of may 12.

A little further north in the region, the club’s Grand-Mother launches the invitation for the same weekend, then the canvases were removed on Tuesday. At the Memorial, Shawinigan-South, the canvases were removed Wednesday and are expected to work for about a week, because there is still ice on some parts of the field. The field of practice will, however, be open at the end of the week. In Sainte-Flore, there is a week of delay compared to 2017. There, the greens are also in excellent condition, which is good news.

Located in the area of Saint-Gérard-des-Laurentides, the Laurentians will open next week, with a delay of a fortnight. The Area of Saint-Boniface, it is estimated that at the latest next Tuesday, the field will be open to the public. In Lac-aux-Sables, Saint-Rémi organises a chore, may 5, and a part of the pitch will be playable. Finally, The Tuque, the employees have good hope of receiving the first golfers on Monday.


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