Gasoline prices: Quebec says it is powerless

Prix de l’essence: Québec se dit impuissant

The government of Philippe Couillard declares itself powerless to do anything to stop the dizzying rise in the price of gasoline.

This increase is a result of the phenomena upon which Quebec can’t do anything, indicates the quebec minister of Energy and natural Resources, Pierre Moreau.

Mr. Moreau cited lower production decided by oil-producing countries, the low value of the canadian dollar relative to the u.s. dollar and the costs of the refiners.

“I don’t know if he lives on the same planet as everyone else”, has launched Mr. Moreau to the pq’s Nicolas Marceau, who asked him about it.

For the minister Pierre Moreau, the best way for the citizens not to suffer from increases in the price of gasoline is that they choose each time they are able to on transit or electric vehicles, for which there are grants. The future in the material passes through the transition energy, he insisted.

Through the questions that he put to him this Wednesday at the blue Room of the national Assembly, Nicolas Marceau has pourfendu the competition Bureau of Canada. It would be “notoriously soft” and “complacent” towards large companies, according to him. Particularly the oil companies.

A relay

The pq has taken over the solidaire Amir Khadir, who, Tuesday, had presented a parliamentary resolution asking that “the national Assembly notes the increase in staggering, unpredictable and unjustified gasoline prices in the last few days in Quebec.”

The motion called on the parliament of quebec to “recognize that the motorists are trapped by private companies who set the price of gasoline and exercising control over the market”, a way of doing “which is similar to a cartel, according to several experts”. The government had refused to discuss it.


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