Chalk River: Québec refuses to support the cities opposed to the dumping of nuclear

Chalk River: Québec refuse de soutenir les villes opposées au dépotoir nucléaire

The minister of the Environment of Quebec, Isabelle Melançon, refuses to support the 82 municipalities of the Montreal metropolitan Community, which, in support of the city of Gatineau, have expressed their opposition to the installation of a rubbish dump nuclear in Chalk River, Ontario, near the Ottawa river. Ms. Melançon believes that their approach is not good, she will condemn her government for inaction if it maintained it.

The minister was willing to “take note” of the resolution adopted by these municipalities, but not to the support itself, as has been called for Wednesday, Martine Ouellet, member of parliament, independent of the national Assembly and leader of the Bloc québécois on the federal scene.

Like his predecessor David Heurtel, Isabelle Melançon believes that oppose this project at this stage will not solve anything; what’s important for now is that Québec obtains all the answers to the questions he was asked last September to the canadian nuclear safety Commission about this potential facility at Chalk River, near Ottawa river, a tributary of the St. Lawrence. The project is supported by the nuclear Laboratories canadian.

Martine Ouellet is alarmed : “there is a risk of having a nuclear contamination of the St. Lawrence river, which will supply all of the municipalities on the edge”, she said in the national Assembly. She knows that the project has changed in nature, that it is no longer a question of waste of average intensity of nuclear, but rather, now, of low intensity.

But “even the waste of low intensity, it is dangerous for the contamination of the Ottawa river”.

Like his predecessor, the minister of sustainable Development, the Environment and the Fight against climate change is concerned. “For me, it is a matter of concern, as it is, of course, for all Quebeckers.”

“What we are in the process of checking with the canadian nuclear safety Commission, it is what we can do. How is it that we can improve? For us, it is important that Quebec plays a role. It is my role as minister of the Environment to follow this work with a lot of attention.”


In September, the government of quebec had called the promoter of the dumping site of radioactive waste to redo his homework. He had addressed a series of questions to the canadian nuclear safety Commission, which focused, and always leans on this project said of waste management Facility close to the surface.

The ministry of the Environment deemed incomplete information provided so far. He would even question the location chosen by the nuclear Laboratories canadian.

He is still waiting for answers to some technical questions that he has raised. For example, why is a “waste management Facility near the surface” rather than a “waste management Facility geological” or an “arch-concrete surface”? He was also asked to evaluate the possibility of removing this potential dump of the hydrographic network of the Ottawa river.

The government Couillard is driven by the idea that Quebec alone cannot defeat the project, since it will be located in the territory of ontario. Last year, when he was spurred on by the Parti québécois, it was noted that Quebec independence would not change this risk.


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