A protégé of Lubovac for Pratte?

Un protégé de Lubovac pour Pratte?

THREE-RIVERS — suggests that François Pratte (6-0) will be in the legs of a boxer from the stable of Mel Lubovac, KO Boxing Promotions, at the gala event on 16 June at the Centre Gervais Auto Shawinigan.

To six weeks the clash of titans between Simon Kean and Adam Braidwood, for the Intercontinental title IBO heavyweight, the stars seem to be aligned in order that the boxer club Performance rubs the Albertan Eric Taylor (8-1-2, 4 K.-O.). The two boxers were gone well almost face a few months ago, in the under-card of a gala featuring Braidwood, in Edmonton, but the negotiations had foundered at the very end.

This opportunity in the soil of mauritius will probably be the good, to the delight of the five-times canadian champion in the amateurs. “It represents a good test. The more I advance in my career, the more the challenges will be great. If I want to fight for a belt of canadian or north-american one day, I will have to face guys like him. I never backed away from any challenge and I know that I am very well able to plant it!”

For this fight six rounds with Taylor, Pratte will have to climb to 128 pounds. Accustomed to fight at 122 or 124 pounds, the He 27-year-old saw no problem with that. “I’m just going to get stronger and more muscular in the ring!”

Un protégé de Lubovac pour Pratte?

Eric Taylor (right) has faced the Shawiniganais Michael Gargouri, December 2, 2016 in Edmonton.

Photo taken from Facebook

This duel between Pratte and Taylor could even come spice up more the rivalry between Kean and Braidwood, which continues to feed the social networks on a daily basis. “It could be fun as rivalry, with an edge, the two roommates of Three Rivers, and on the other, the two guys from western canada, who are in the same promotion agency.”

Gargouri, the barometer
By hovering over the roadmaps of the two boxers, a reference point captures the attention: the Shawiniganais Michael Gargouri (0-12-1). In his professional debut, Pratte had signed a unanimous decision victory, 6 November 2015 at the industrial Building of Three-Rivers, at the end of a fight intense. For his part, Taylor has also won his duel in front of Gargouri by unanimous decision, 2 December 2016, during his sixth professional fight.

“I’ve seen the video of his fight and he has not had it easy against Gargouri. It is a little bigger and longer than me and is a brawler. But there is nothing in him that I’ve never seen in more than 100 fights in the amateurs,” stresses Pratte.

Taylor has been particularly active in recent months, with five fights since march of 2017. He was also in the action not later than the 28th of April, at Edmonton, when he obtained the favor of the judges in front of Audel Jimenez (4-3, 2 K.-O.).

In addition to Kean-Braidwood and Pratte-Taylor, the gala will also feature in the semi-final, a clash between Yves Ulysse jr (15-1, 9 K.-O.) and the Venezuelan Ernesto Espana (25-0-1, 20 K.-O.). It is also assumed that the sector of Kazakh Eye of the Tiger Management will have to work with Nurzat Sabirov (5-0, 5 K.-O.), Ablai Khussainov (8-0, 5 K.-O.) and Adriddin Akhmedov (1-0, 1 K.-O.). All in all, the band Camille Estephan account present nine fights during the evening organised in partnership with the Cataracts de Shawinigan.


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