“There are a lot of future in the forest”

«Il y a beaucoup d’avenir en forêt»

THE TOQUE — “I come up with a new discourse, a new way of seeing things. It is clear that there are a lot of future in the forest.” The CEO of the Conseil de l’industrie forestière du Québec (CIFQ), Denis Lebel, was sent to the members of the Chamber of commerce and industry of the Upper Saint-Maurice (CCIHSM) with a lot of positivism about the future of the forest industry.

“It’s going pretty well currently. It has output channels for our products. Yes, there is the conflict with the United States, but currently we refile the bill to the Americans. At the level of the timber, it goes well. At the level of the pulp and paper, the challenge is still there and the companies are innovating on a regular basis”, has launched Mr. Lebel.

The latter does not hide, however, not as significant challenges facing the industry because before you can sell the wood, it is necessary first to harvest and transform. The workforce is becoming more and more rare, in terms of quantity and quality.

“It is a challenge that we have and we will face all the world together”, he launched.

Denis Lebel think that one of the ways to fill the vacant positions in the industry, it is a new immigration strategy.

“We want to bring a different. We think that we should go more in the rural areas of the world, no matter where it will be, to provide a future. In any region of any continent, it is believed that the people of those regions, who want to have a different future, it was an interesting job to offer, homes free… […] one wants to find a way to reach the rural world of the world”.

The former minister in the conservative also wants to improve the image of the forest. He argues that the perception of city dwellers vis-à-vis the forest is not quite what the reality is.

“It’s like a garden, if you do not harvest your vegetables and that you let rot in the ground, you’ll never be able to eat them. In the forest, if you do not harvest not the tree is mature, it will rot and fall out. It is going to lose its economic value and it will emit co2. It is the same principle. It is a gardening of our forest we must do.”

Denis Lebel was also questioned on the important project of biorefinery fed by forest residues.

“The use of by-products and fiber it is important. We can not do otherwise than be happy that it works for projects like these. Everything that will use forest fibre for us deserves to be kept”, he launched.

The speaker finally indicated that he wanted to be an actor of change to bring messages of hope and pride vis-à-vis the forestry industry.

“The trees will continue to grow and it has the ability to harvest them and transform them. There is sawdust in the washers of the national to control the rebound, who knows it ? There are components of wood in medicines, beauty products… people don’t know it. It is my duty to pass these messages and the love and the hope for the forest”.


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