The field of Aleris zoned for residential development

Le terrain d’Aleris zoné résidentiel

THREE RIVERS — The City of Three Rivers is moving forward with the zoning change of the property of the former plant Aleris. As she had done to know there is less than two weeks, it will change this land from industrial use to residential use, in view of a future residential development that could be born at this place in a few years.

This change is obviously a result of the commitment of the liberal government to proceed with the decontamination of the complete field, a recent commitment by the member of parliament for Champlain, Pierre-Michel Auger, on behalf of the minister of the Environment.

However, as the commitment of Quebec is valid for the zoning that will be in force at the time of contract award, it became urgent for the City to make this change in order to be able to benefit from the decontamination of the maximum field so that it is the height requirements for a residential use. Obviously, a plot of land zoned industrial would not require the same level of decontamination.

Thus, the city council of Trois-Rivières was referred to two notices of motion, in a public meeting Tuesday evening, to create an area land use residential throughout the grounds of the old factory Aleris.

“The law is clear on this, they décontaminent according to the zoning as long as the contract has not been given. It is for this reason that today we carry out the zoning regulations and it’s just as effective today,” says the mayor of Trois-Rivières, Yves Lévesque.

Recall that the estimated amount of the costs of decontamination has not been specified, however, that Quebec is expecting a bill of several million dollars, which she intends to pass it on to the former owners and current owners of the land.


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