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La Ville cherche

SHAWINIGAN — The district councillor Val-Mauricie, Guy Arseneault, has spent a good part of the afternoon on Tuesday to share with the citizens of the district affected by the infiltration of water and to ask the municipal employees dispatched to the scene. For the moment, several hypotheses are explored to explain these accumulations… including beaver dams, which makes a good laugh with the residents.

Monday night, the City has issued a press release to warn the citizens that the work would be carried out to reduce the amount of water accumulated in the storm water system. Tuesday afternoon, the level had actually decreased significantly, but remained higher than normal. The rainy weather expected over the next few days does not reassure the residents.

In its press release, the City attributed the situation to the melting of the snow and the heavy rainfall of the last days”. The water from the bog along the avenue of the Slab pours in the area, suggested it.

On Tuesday, the employees of the public works Department built a dike to improve the situation. On the ground, they continued to seek the specific source of the spill.

Mr. Arseneault finds that at least two of the three retention basins located in this new district had a level still too high Tuesday after-noon, even if, according to his assessment, the water had dropped at least two feet compared to the previous day. However, the creek that runs through the wood was always much wider than usual.

“We have engineers on it”, he explains. “We check if the stream is drained well, it checks the beaver dams in the woods. For the moment, there is the urgent work temporary, such as the dam, before we can find a solution for us to ensure that it will not happen again. This is not funny for the people.”


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