The ball in the camp of the City

La balle dans le camp de la Ville

THREE RIVERS — We’ll know in a few days if the League north american will have another life in Trois-Rivières.

On Tuesday afternoon, Yves Tremblay has presented its demands to the City of Trois-Rivières to accept to take over the baton of Etienne Boileau, who abandoned the ship after a single season of operations.

Tremblay pointed to the appointment he requested with the support in writing of the authorities of the LNAH, who wish to stay in the city of Laviolette in the fold.

La balle dans le camp de la Ville

Yves Tremblay

Photo François Gervais

“Richard Martel called me on Saturday, we had a productive discussion. It is clear that for the LNAH, Three-Rivers is still in the plans. Now it is time to see if we can have the winning conditions to make the necessary changes,” says Tremblay, who doesn’t hide be looking for financial support more important on the part of elected municipal officials.

“There is a question of justice through the various sport activities which are supported by the City, I think. We make efforts from our side to make it work. But we can’t do it alone,” he adds.

Tremblay says he enjoyed his meeting with the recreation director, Jean-Marc Bergeron. “I felt the opening. The discussion has been positive. Now, it is not him who has decision-making power in the hands. It will be up to elected officials to decide if they want to maintain this caliber of game with us. We are waiting for the answer.”

The League north american has decided to freeze the list of protection of the Rivermen until may 14, to give time for local investors to properly analyze the situation. But Tremblay says he needs an answer before that. “We want to be fixed by the beginning of next week. There are so many things to do for the turn in the wind edge, you have to get started as soon as possible if you are moving forward. Mr. Bergeron has been sensitive to this desire to move quickly, then it expects a response within about a week.”

Tremblay doesn’t want to be too forward about his chances of convincing the City to expand its partnership with the Rivermen. “It is hard to say. There is a question of vision there. We wanted to have the chance to present our game plan, we got it. We are now in standby mode”, he reiterates.


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