Sit-in: the nurses convened by the executive

Sit-in: les infirmières convoquées par la direction

THREE-RIVERS — The nurses at the origin of the sit-in held on April 21, at the emergency hospital of Trois-Rivières will appear Wednesday in front of representatives of the management of the hospital and the CIUSSS. In all likelihood, they will know at this time if they will suffer the disciplinary measures of the part of the employer.

Two meetings will bring together nurses, the management of human resources, communications and legal affairs of the health Centre and social services of Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec and the direction of the emergency. Valérie Provencher, information officer at CIUSSS, confirms the holding of these meetings, but refuses to disclose the nature of the message that will be communicated.

“There was a decision made about the sit-in. We will first speak with the employees”, says Ms. Provencher.

On April 21, at midnight, the nurses on-site refused to start their shift, because of the absence of three of their colleagues.

Two of them were absent due to vacation. The nurses were then judged that the situation represented a risk to patients. The nurses in the evening shift were forced to work overtime in order to complete the night team.

This is not the first sit-in held by nurses trifluviennes to denounce the lack of resources on certain shifts. Valérie Provencher did not know whether such meetings between the nurses protest and the direction had taken place in the days following such refusal to work.

When the manifs earlier, the direction of the CIUSSS had always mentioned that she preferred to negotiate and discuss with his staff rather than to impose discipline, a refusal to work is regarded as an illegal strike.

The CIUSSS had announced, in the wake of the events of 21 April, that it had to analyze events before deciding if she was going to scold or not its employees.


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