Office for a family doctor: Barrette accused of having done away with data

Guichet pour un médecin de famille: Barrette accusé d’avoir fait disparaître des données

The Parti québécois has accused Tuesday the minister of Health, Gaétan Barrette, to have done away with data on the waiting time at the Counter of access to a family doctor.

“For the past year, we have asked, repeatedly, if the counters of the atm access to a family doctor had been reset to zero in April 2016, when the minister has decided to replace the old ticket offices into a single, new, unique. It was, according to us, the only possible explanation behind the statistics jovialistes which indicated that no one had been waiting for over a year, so that, in each of our constituency offices, we had calls, letters, e-mails, which indicated that people had been waiting for two years, three years and four years”, stated the spokesman of the official opposition in matters of health, Diane Lamarre, during the question period of the national Assembly.

According to it, the minister Barrette has “admitted” on Monday during the consideration of the estimates of his department that the wait statistics were “well and truly been reset to zero”. “It has wiped out years of waiting for thousands of Quebecers desperate. He did knowingly, deliberately, to improve the statistics,” said the member for Taillon, who considers that the minister has demonstrated a “serious problem of lack of transparency and lack of respect to Quebecers”.

“When I made the formal announcement of the creation of the “guichet d’accès”, I said then that we had built into the window of today with the earlier data. Then, the previous data, they are earlier, then, of course, that there were people who were waiting for a number of months and, yes, unfortunately, years. Not only do these data have been integrated, but, as they are collectively in the same database, the rank of each individual was maintained. Then, I have never again said that, in the window, the meter had been reset to zero. He began to zero in with built-in data past, they were obviously a “waiting list “real”, defended the minister, while admitting that, yes, people have been waiting for too long at the atm of access. “It is for this reason that I make pressure on the FMOQ [Fédération des médecins omnipraticiens du Québec], to which it directs its members” to empty the atm, he said.

Diane Lamarre has insisted: studies credits show that there was “zero person was waiting for over a year last year.” “Impossible. These people were waiting, but the minister has hidden the information, it has done away with”, she hammered.

“Absolutely nothing” has not gone away, ” assured the minister. “The people who have been placed in a new data base have retained their priority in terms of prioritization of clinical, but also their classification according to their registration in the former counter area was the GACO”, he reiterated.


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