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The house The Haven will be reborn

The transition home from the Centre of le Havre, which had been completely destroyed by a fire in may 2017, will be reborn soon from its ashes.

On Tuesday evening, in addition to granting financial assistance of $ 150,000 to this organization that helps the homeless or people in situation of social rupture, the City of Trois-Rivières, has unveiled the plans for the new building of 24 rooms that will be rebuilt in the same location as the old one, on the rue Laviolette, Trois-Rivières, an investment of more than$ 2.4 Million. It will be recalled that after the fire, the Haven had relocated his halfway house in a building located a little farther on the rue Laviolette, in order to continue to provide services to people in process of reintegration into society. The City, however, was not able to specify, on Tuesday, the timelines of the construction site expected.

Buildings shielded
The City of Trois-Rivières must adjust its rules relating to the shielding of buildings in order to meet the demands of some agencies, especially resources coming to the aid of women victims of violence. The regulation of the City had been changed before the municipal merger, to prohibit the shielding of buildings, following the construction of the bunker of the Hells Angels on the boulevard Saint-Jean Trois-Rivières, a construction which had greatly disturbed at the time. However, new requests made by a help resource for abused women in order to make changes to its building prompted the city council to restore this permission, but only for those organizations in particular.

A popular program
Due to the very high demand, the City of Trois-Rivières will be asked again this year a contribution of Quebec in order to replenish the coffers of its Renovation Québec Program of at least 700 000 $. This programme, which has enabled the refurbishment and renovation of many buildings for the most part included in the first neighbourhoods of Trois-Rivières arouses so much enthusiasm that even 80 applications are currently waiting funding to the City. Since the implementation of the program in 2002,$ 17 Million were paid for various projects, grants that have generated private investment of the order of$ 50 Million.

Three-Rivers, obtained a grant of a little more than$ 1.8 Million from the ministry of municipal Affairs and land Occupancy to fund the work of replacement of water mains and sewer of the rue Saint-Denis and parc Pie-XII in Trois-Rivières. This project, valued at a little over$ 2.4 Million thus obtains a financial participation important to be able to be completed. The work in this area are already underway, ” said mayor Yves Lévesque.

Public notices
The public notices of the City of Trois-Rivières will now be available on the website of the City, in addition to being published in some newspapers. Of the citizens had claimed in the past that public notices be made available for consultation at the same site Beginning the week of may 7, the notice will be published directly on the web in addition to publications in newspapers.


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