Couillard promises of good trios

Couillard promet de bons trios

“Wait until you see the three that will be on the ice.” It is promising to new interesting players that premier Philippe Couillard has attempted to downplay Tuesday the effect of departures that accumulate within his party.

Ministers Laurent Lessard, David Heurtel, and Julie Boulet, may decide to exit the policy at the end of their mandate. In all three cases, ministers have not denied or confirmed on Tuesday that the information circulating about them.

“My thinking is not over,” commented the minister of Agriculture Laurent Lessard, who had already said a few months ago to be thinking. “When I will have completed my process, I’m going to do it properly and I’ll announce my decision at that time”, he argued. Will he feel pushed towards the exit? The minister Lessard argues that, no, but that after 15 years in politics, “it is normal that I think”.

Immigration minister David Heurtel, who is elected for the first time in 2013, has avoided answering questions from journalists all day.

The Tourism minister Julie Boulet has maintained that it does “not comment on rumors” that circulate on its political future. Ms. Boulet has never said that she was thinking, it that the liberal Party has chosen a few months ago to represent the new electoral district of Laviolette, Saint–Maurice, departing at the same time the member of parliament Pierre Giguère.

The leader of the Quebec liberal Party (QLP) does not seem too worried about these potential departures. He assured that his caucus was “very plain”, but that it is “in revival”.

Mr. Couillard has not given due to its ministers or its members to make their decision, but he believes that “maturity is a little natural,” before the end of the parliamentary session and the general council of the party in June.

The prime minister ensures that the recruitment of new candidates is going well. “When the time comes, we will show you the new trios, new players.”

For the leader of the Parti québécois, Jean-François Lisée, these departures series are a clear sign that the PLQ is in loss of speed. “This is the end of the regime […] there is also the fact that the liberal team is not cohesive, that people do not want to stay in this team. There is something unhealthy in this team which makes sure that people are ready to go, a plenty.”

The mp for the Coalition avenir Québec’s François Bonnardel has been more moderate. “It is like all of you that there are many, many members who wish to leave their political training.”

Couillard promet de bons trios

Minister David Heurtel

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