Borealis: to renew themselves constantly

Boréalis: se renouveler constamment

THREE-RIVERS — hardly the mercury he began to go out of its hibernation that Borealis immerses us in the summer with its summer program with several new features likely to appeal to both the regulars and new visitors.

The new features which mark this programming, we note a willingness of the museum’s management is in tune with both clientele they would like to see more in it. With activity My first visit to the museum, these are very small and, consequently, the families that we aim for. Every Saturday from 5 may to 1 September, the museum invites children 3 to 5 years to visit Borealis in a playful setting. Accompanied by a guide, they will have the mission to solve the mystery of the paper machine by facing small challenges and a variety of games.

Who says teenager says screens. It is with a tablet that teens can launch into the interactive game Mission paper which will be offered to the year. The young people will be called to put themselves in the shoes of a plant manager with a mandate to modernize the paper machine to virtual through different challenges and strategies to be put in place. It is a new way to approach the museum.

Another novelty is addressed to all: the visit in the company of a former paper manufacturer. The idea was already floating around in the head of the director Valérie Bourgeois, but she hesitated to do out of their retirement of the old paper mills. Until, during an exchange with european museums, she has lived the visit to a museum with a former worker to understand the added value that it brings to the experience. She wished, therefore, to develop this new product that will be offered on Fridays, from June 29 to August 31. The anecdotes and stories of these workers will not fail to spice up the content of their comments.

Two other new features to make the schedule. On Saturday, may 19th will be a special day with the opportunity for all to engage in the interactive game Mission Paper format family, in addition to special activities for both adults and children. Also, on the weekend of 8 and 9 September, we will establish a Lumberjack academy, a family activity in collaboration with the Museum of the logger where the whole family can test their skills in various games and events.

Borealis would not have been as successful without of classic that you can’t remove the programming. Thus, the Tuesday jazz return to the schedule with eight evenings on the terrace between 10 July and 28 August.

In a similar vein, the evening of improv music has its devotees. The new theme that will be operated on Wednesday, August 22, will be that of a confrontation between the rock and the jazz. Two trios of musicians will then reply to the delight of the fans gathered on the terrace.

It is in the shadow of the vaults in the basement of the museum that another classic has taken root and it comes back with the wine cellar, during which Alain Soulard will present a lecture-tasting on the theme of the wines at a small price on 25 may and 8 June. In addition, he’ll be back with another winery that has found its audience, and that of the gentlemen amateurs of spirits. During the 21 September, we sample drinks downright exceptional.

“We can say that the programming is characterized by our insistence on client and family about the developments, to indicate the general director of Borealis Valérie Bourgeois. The little ones of preschool age are traditionally more difficult to reach since they do not read or do not write but we found a nice way with My first visit to the museum. It has also built a tour-inspired video games to appeal to adolescents and that opens the door to a whole new way of approaching the museum. Side festive, we noticed that our family gatherings always have a lot of success when it is recurrence in the theme of the woodcutter at the end of the season and one another at the beginning of the summer.”

“It all stems from a desire of the museum to be relevant and accessible to the public in Three Rivers. We want to put people to constantly renew itself, to do otherwise by bringing new dimensions to the visit of Borealis.”


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