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Three-Rivers — Tammara Thibeault just to hold it in place when she thinks about his next fight. This is not so much the issue of the duel that the upset at this point, but rather the location where will be played in his confrontation in the face of the American Naomi Graham. Friday night, the Shawiniganaise adoption is expected to climb in the arena of the Regina Boxing Club, Saskatchewan, where it all began for her, there are a dozen years.

“It is really cool to go back there. It’s been six years that I didn’t go to Regina. All of my childhood friends are there. It’s going to be an evening rich in emotions. This is going to be crazy!”, spear fighter-to 21-year-old now leads in Montreal, under the management of Boxing Canada.

In the framework of the Ken Goff Memorial Classic, a confrontation of the traditional with the United States, the national team will move with 8 boxers in the capital city of Saskatchewan. This is also the first coach of boxing Thibeault, George Goff, who threw the invitation. “It is very special to me,” she says, proudly.

A trust enhanced
One month after the presentation of the Commonwealth Games, in Australia, Tammara Thibeault draws a portrait rather positive of this first experience in an appointment of this magnitude. Part at the other end of the world with the firm intention of winning the gold medal, it is rather with the bronze neck as she returned to the country at the end of a course of victory and defeat.

“It was a great experience from A to Z. I did not have the medal that I wanted, but I learned a lot of things. I came back from there much more confident and also aware of my mistakes,” says the canadian champion of the 75 kg.

That said, its level of satisfaction towards the Commonwealth Games matter little in the pursuit of his ultimate objective. Every ounce of energy expended in training or during a fight meant only one goal: the olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020. “Everything I do, it is in terms of being the next olympic Games.”

After his fight in Saskatchewan Friday, Thibeault will take part in a few competitions minor this summer, a question of being well prepared for his next big test. Next November, she will head to India for the senior world Championship female boxing. “It is important for me to put in the bank for international experience and stay active as possible.”


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