Anti-bullying: the schools already have “the tools,” says Proulx

Lutte contre l’intimidation: les écoles ont déjà les «outils», estime Proulx

The minister of Education, Sébastien Proulx, do not intend to submit a legislative proposal to tackle the problem of bullying in schools, finding that schools in Quebec already have the “tools” to get there.

“There is a law that is in place to combat bullying, violence and sexual violence”, said the minister, when asked in the Room by the Parti québécois (PQ) on sexual assaults experienced by children at school.

For Mr. Proulx, the school boards also have the “financial tools to be able to work” to combat the problem.

“It is in schools that go to these events, if events there is, and it is in schools that we must work to eliminate it and prevent it. This is not here, to the national Assembly, we will establish the guides [to settle conflicts]. It is in schools that we are going to make this work,” replied the minister during the question period.

While the spokesman of the official opposition in terms of primary and secondary education, Carole Poirier, was catching the minister on the need for a framework law on sexual assaults at the school, Sébastien Proulx reiterated that the existence of the Law on measures to prevent and combat bullying and violence in schools equipping adequately the schools to deal with the problem and resolve it.

Lutte contre l’intimidation: les écoles ont déjà les «outils», estime Proulx

The spokesman of the official opposition in terms of primary and secondary education, Carole Poirier, and the spokesman of the official opposition in matters of health, Diane Lamarre (right)

The Sun, Pascal Ratthé


Earlier, the PQ had organized a press conference in the company of speakers from the middle school to present a petition in which the signatories denounced the lack of content of the present law and of the means put in place to combat bullying.

Behind the scenes, a mother whose child has been the victim of bullying has confided to the Sun that even if the law existed for five years, “she has never been truly implemented”.

A motion to this effect had also been filed by the Parti québécois, but it was defeated by the government.

The number of concrete measures, the PQ is demanding, as multiple actors, the expansion of the mandate of the protector of the student. It should be neutral — and not meet school board and its mandate should apply to all students in the quebec school system, public and private.

Last December, the minister had agreed that the protector of the student was an institution “which does not work” and that the current model should be revised. However, to this day, nothing is on the table, deplores the official opposition.

“Yes, it takes us to environments that are free of this intimidation and especially violence, but it’s going to work inside of our tools, and tools, we have a number of resources, there is,” argued the minister, who does not exclude that of the accompaniment remains to be done with stakeholders in the school.

Lutte contre l’intimidation: les écoles ont déjà les «outils», estime Proulx

The initiative Profs in motion of two young ‘ Jessica Dorval and Viviane Lagacé has been welcomed by deputies Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, Quebec solidaire, and Carole Poirier, of the Parti québécois.

The Sun, Pascal Ratthé

The teachers disappointed

The two teachers at the origin of the Profs group in movement, Viviane Lagacé and Jessica Dorval, came to the national Assembly for hand delivery to the minister Proulx their manifesto, but this meeting hoped for has not occurred.

“The invitation has been launched and it is hoped that he will be joining us, but unfortunately it is not there,” said Jessica Dorval, disappointed.

The Sun reported Tuesday, the story of these two teachers who have collected the testimonies of teachers of primary and secondary level and about their helplessness in an overt punch that is addressed to the minister.

“It is a pity that the minister did not find it necessary or important to come to meet you in person,” commented the co-spokesperson of Québec solidaire, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois.

It was accompanied by the member pq’s Carole Poirier, who has also praised the initiative of the two teachers.

“There is a program interesting political reform of our classes and the education system,” said Ms. Poirier. The two parliamentarians will finally have delivered a copy of the manifest to the minister.

Quoting an excerpt of the manifesto, the leader of the PQ’s Jean-François Lisée has accused the government of Philippe Couillard of “make them pay” the “cuts” government’s budget “by the children of Quebec.”

The prime minister defended himself by saying that his government had been able to release the funds necessary to reinvest in solid education.


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