An album on the air Stone

Un album sur les airs de Stone

THREE-RIVERS — The soundtrack of the show Stone Cirque du Soleil has been the subject of rave reviews and liked it very much to the public last summer. For the first time, one of the tribute concerts exclusive to the amphitheatre Cogeco, will be the subject of an album that will be available on the 18th of may next.

Stone will contain the versions of the music director Jean-Phi Goncalves of the 15 songs of Luc Plamondon, who were heard during the show. It was the first time in three tribute concerts that we’re working with new performers covering songs of the same author. It is as well as on the album, we find The Park Belmont by Martha Wainwright, Monopolis by Milk & Bone, Oxygen by Betty Bonifassi, The world is Stone by Beyries, Lili wanted to go dancing by The Bronze, My mother sang always by Marie-Pierre Arthur, The island of Mimosas by Klo Pelgag, I dance in my head by Marie-Mai, Call Girl by Valérie Carpentier, Tiens-toé ben j’arrive! by Catherine Major, Le blues du businessman by Safia Nolin, undocumented migrants by Marie-Josée Lord, S. O. S. d’un terrien in distress by Ariane Moffatt, The world is crazy by Gabrielle Shonk and The Hymn to the beauty of the world by the entire team of the show.

It was not enough to Goncalves to gather the songs on a sound track, he had to make a lot of studio work to adapt the parts of the show to their new life on audio support. “We needed to adapt the music because there was sometimes in the structure of breaks or lengths required by the sight. Also, it took me to remix it completely because the mix makes for a great amphitheatre is very different from the one that we made for an album that will be listened to at home or in a car.”

“In the end, I can say that the album stands very well by itself, detached from the visual of the show. Of course, it is a soundtrack so that people who have had the chance to see the show, we’ll meet again images much alive, but it will also be interesting for those who have not seen it.”

The musician can not say that he had made with Stone his best work adaptation among the three shows presented in the amphitheatre Cogeco, but he is convinced that the soundtrack deserved an album. “In the context of the shows, it is the one on which I went the most far away from a point of view, selection of music because it was not working from the original tapes and we had new performers. I find that the approach is fairly advanced to be worthy of being on an album. For me, it was a pity to lose this job after only twenty performances. I wanted it to survive and it is a feeling that the Circus people shared.”

This does not mean that we will necessarily use the same approach in the future. “It is always a case-by-case basis,” explains Goncalves. For example, with Roommates, working from the original tapes which makes the process complex because legally, it has to do with a lot of stakeholders. Every year, we wondered if we were going to make an album in the recital as an artistic point of view that according rights to pay.”

“For Stone, the context was different, and it justified more to go at the end of the story. It has involved the contribution of fourteen or fifteen interpreters, and it is certainly the most imposing collective work that has been done musical side.”

On the side of the Corporation events of Three-Rivers, the general manager Steve Dubé looked forward to this new one. “We are really very happy with it. It’s been three years that I can present exclusive shows live time of 20 performances. Here, there is one that will stay. This is great news.”

“There has been a demand from the public for each of the performances. Each time, things have prevented it but when Jean-Phi Goncalves has called us to know if we were okay, we did not hesitate a second. Especially that it is a work so extraordinary every time. For having listened to two extracts of the next, I can guarantee that this will still be fantastic next summer. But in the case of Plamondon, these are already songs that have lasted for decades and Jean-Phi has given a trendy look that will help to make it last even further such works.”

The album will be officially launched on the 18th of may next. It will be offered in its CD format in various record stores, even at Jean Coutu, so that it is found on the main digital platforms. In addition, a few hundred copies of the vinyl format will be put on sale. The arrangements have not yet been taken officially, but it’s a safe bet that we will be able to obtain next summer in the amphitheatre Cogeco.


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