The seven dissidents not return to the Bloc québécois

Les sept dissidents ne retourneront pas au Bloc québécois

OTTAWA — The seven deputies dissidents reject the hand offered by the leader of the Bloc québécois, Martine Ouellet. They will announce on Tuesday that they cut off permanently the bridges with the party that was elected in 2015, depending on what was learned The canadian Press. They do not preclude the creation of a new political party.

“Yesterday, I think that we have undergone a trial on the public square of charges, gunfire, and then get a helping hand for a return”, denounced on Monday the mp Michel Boudrias, obviously stung to the quick by the attacks launched by Ms. Ouellet at the general council of the party on Sunday.

“Is there a human being normally supposed to, which returns under conditions like these? I think that nobody in the dissenters of which I am a part does not suffer from the Stockholm syndrome.”

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Martine Ouellet was accused on Sunday of having supplied a “fake news” about her, and to be ‘in rupture with internal democracy” in the party, and flesh the ex-chief bloquiste, Gilles Duceppe, by the way.

“These seven who resigned, what they have done to us, they made us to fall now and we have put time on governance rather than putting in the time to advance and to radiate the Bloc québécois”, she denounced, triggering a round of applause.

Despite these words of vengeance, she was then invited to rejoin the Bloc québécois in his closing speech. It has again stretched the hand during its passage in parliament on Monday.

“The resigning members have been elected with the banner of the Bloc québécois, with the program that was decided in 2014, so I hope that they will abide by internal democracy and that they align themselves so that we can work together for the future of the Bloc québécois, the future of the independence of Quebec,” she told reporters.

But it was already too late. The seven deputies, who now form the parliamentary Group of québécois in the House of commons, had already talked to Gilles Duceppe on Sunday evening to explain their decision.

“The council [general] and with the tear that’s there, I told them that I understood”, he revealed in an interview.

He noted, however, that the options available to them remain limited.

“One of two things, or they do not represent, or they decide to remain [mps] and present a new offer [policy], he said. We’ll see what they will do, but he did not arrive there as far as I know as of now.”

What is the future of Mario Beaulieu?

Ms. Ouellet has also indicated that it wished to see Mario Beaulieu, to continue his work as a member and president of the party. He has publicly stated on Sunday that the chief no longer had his confidence, he who was once one of his most faithful allies.

“Mario, this is a friend, she said. I hope that he stays with us, that he supported the decision of the general council and that we can continue to work together.”

Ms. Ouellet stated have been exchanged via text messages, with Mr. Beaulieu on Monday, and that she hoped to speak to him verbally. The youth wing bloquiste also trying to remember. It is in reflection from the general council and could decide to leave the party for which he has advocated for years.

His attempt to stay ahead of two weeks held a vote of confidence in the chief, with the support of a quarantine district associations, has failed. Some of these associations have changed sides during the day to support the work referendum on the mission of the party, with a vote of confidence on June 1st and 2nd, which has been proposed by Martine Ouellet and the national office. The votes held in camera, were won by a handful of votes, according to observers present in the room.

The vice-president of the Block, Kédina Fleury-Samson, confirmed Monday that she left her position.

The Bloc québécois is therefore out even more divided and Sunday of this general council which was to enable him to identify a crisis.

“We’re going to hit a wall and we are going at high speed inside!” exclaimed the president of the association of the electoral district of Chicoutimi-Le Fjord, Élise Gauthier, in an interview. She fears that the party did not go out to small fire.

Ms. Gauthier had asked for the resignation of Martine Ouellet in march because it was damaging, according to it, the chances of electing the Bloc quebecois for the by-election to come in Chicoutimi-Le Fjord.

She wants this time to try to mobilize the members to the head, loses his vote of confidence in June. “We’re going to take it differently, she said. We will bet on this that account for it and what account for it, it is actually to have 50% + 1, then we will organize accordingly.”

The association of county will not be a candidate before knowing the result of the vote of confidence.

The Bloc québécois is plunged into turmoil since only seven of its ten mps have slammed the door in February. It is Gabriel Ste-Marie, Luc Thériault, Monique Pauzé, Michel Boudrias, Rhéal Fortin, Simon Marcil and Louis Plamondon.


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