The Phoenix could be presented in China

Le Phénix pourrait être présenté en Chine

THREE-RIVERS — The primary purpose of the mission shawiniganaise from 22 to 29 April in China was cultural and, in this respect, the director general of Culture Shawinigan Bryan Perreault said to be extremely happy with the turn of events. “I’ll be back with a quasi-confirmation that the musical The Phoenix will be beautiful and well presented in China,” he says.

According to him, we no longer speak of the mere possibility that the show, based on the adventures of Amos Daragon and which will be presented at the Centre des arts of Shawinigan in the summer of 2019, is being presented in China, but it is discussing to know when and how it will get done. In addition, two chinese artists have been approached to come and play in the show and also collaborate in its development. Therefore, they should come and settle in Shawinigan for three months in the summer of 2019. It comes to actors, dancers and puppeteers of the shadow that will actively participate in the development of the chinese version.

“When the official representation of the show will begin in the summer of 2019,” explains Bryan Perreault, we are going to present the show in the evening and during the day, we’re going to work to its adaptation to chinese. At the end of the summer, there will be a season completed, and the adaptation of chinese is finished.”

No formal agreement has not been signed, but the enthusiasm of the chinese hosts allows the director general to believe that it is more than a technical issue. “The major problem that we have is obviously the language. So we need someone who is able to ensure communications. Jackie Wu, a Chinese-Canadian who was an interpreter during your trip in China, will join the team of Culture Shawinigan in June to ensure that communications not only for the show and the cultural component of the interviews with the Chinese but also to the financial aspects and tourist attractions that the City of Shawinigan is going to develop with the city of Qinqyang. I would say that she should devote approximately 50 % of his time to the cultivation, 25 % in economy and 25 % to tourism, is estimated Perreault. It is important to understand that if this trip was very productive for our cultural projects, it has been at least as much for the other components.”

In addition to the possibility to install The Phoenix Qinqyang and, perhaps, in other chinese cities later, contacts were made by Culture Shawinigan so we can possibly host chinese artists and allow artists from the Region to go run in China. “The Chinese are very open to host our artists in various cultural events, including several festivals. This is true of the stage artists but also visual artists, for example. The possibilities are immense. We have concrete proposals, but what counts for us is to grasp the good opportunities in order not to scatter our efforts. We will select the proposals more interesting and relevant.”

“What is exciting is that we are no longer at the stage of dreaming that it can be done; it is certain that it will happen. It is to determine how we are going to get there exactly. Qinqyang is going to be for us the door to enter the China market and there, I can say that this door is wide open.”

Qinqyang is a city of more than 2 500 000 people located in the province of Gansu in
the north-west of China, a province of approximately 26 million inhabitants.


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