The Explosion in the cost of the two ferries: a report of the VG after the elections

Explosion du coût des deux traversiers: un rapport de la VG après les élections

The office of the Auditor general will focus on the management of the Société des traversiers du Québec, and in particular the one surrounding the contracts it has awarded for the construction of the two future vessels, between Tadoussac and Baie-Sainte-Catherine. But this is not before the next legislature that its report will be tabled in the national Assembly.

The caquiste Donald Martel deplores this situation. It denounces the fact that the government of Philippe Couillard has waited too long to invite the team of the Auditor general Guylaine Leclerc to capture this folder; it has not acquiesced in it as early as march 2016 to the request he had made himself of the mandate “in the shortest possible time”. It is the spring of 2017 as the minister Laurent Lessard has finally made it. He was then the owner of the Transport.

We have known for long enough that the construction of the two future ferry between Tadoussac and Baie-Sainte-Catherine could exceed $ 125 million provided for in 2011. But nobody imagined that the final bill would be $ 324 million $, as reported in The Sun on Saturday. The minister of Economy, Dominique Anglade, is expected to confirm this amount shortly.

The information which was until now was that the cost of these vessels built at the Shipyard Davie runs around $ 250 million, which was already two times more than expected.

Originally, the two ferries were to be delivered and put into operation in 2015. They are always at the construction site. One will eventually be delivered in the coming weeks, while the other will be in the coming months.

“Upcoming projects”

In February, the national Assembly, the Auditor Guylaine Leclerc slipped as the Société des traversiers du Québec is part of the “future projects” of his organization. She has not said more. On this day, the interest of the mps, who were questioning Ms. Leclerc, focused a lot on the fact that his office was losing staff.

This mandate on the Company’s ferries does not appear, however not in lists of upcoming reports of the organization. Neither in the spring nor in the autumn. The spring is full, but probably not by that of the fall. Will he be registered in the spring of 2019?

Anyway, when this report will be tabled in the national Assembly, the elections will be past, laments the caquiste Donald Martel. He believes that it would have been different if the request had been made earlier and more formally.

Last summer, the ministry of the Economy has recovered the management of the contract for the two ships in place of the Société des traversiers du Québec, who was not able to agree with Davie on the following things. A team from the ministry has been mandated to oversee the work, attempting to harness the most possible the final costs and ensure that the millions spent were all going to the building, to remind us on Saturday.

It appears that this is due to a poor assessment of the costs at the origin, but also of the needs, as well as because of the new requirements adopted in the course of the journey, that the bill for the construction of the future two ferries is finally nearly three times higher than the one that had been planned.


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