Labour standards: QS will work in spite of everything

Normes du travail: QS collaborera malgré tout

Even if the draft law on labour standards is “insufficient,” “terribly disappointing”, “shy” and “beige”, Quebec solidaire (QS) will work with the government to adopt the project carried out by the minister Dominique Vien.

Of course, the party spokesman, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, doubt that this can be done in time. “At the moment we speak, the odds are very high that the record of the liberal government in terms of improvement of the working conditions is non-existent”, he told reporters.

The end of the hearings on the bill is scheduled for 29 may, two weeks before the end of parliamentary works.

“To think that you can handle a bill of some fifty articles, many of which are controversial, in less than two weeks, it is of magical thinking,” said the member of solidarity.

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, has agreed that his party will work with the ministerial for the adoption of the draft law, even if it is “largely insufficient”.

A new that greet the minister Vien, who by the voice of his press secretary, reiterated his desire to adopt the draft law before the end of the legislature.

Anyway, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois accuses the government of not having “done nothing to improve the minimum level of the workers in Quebec.”

“Even if we could adopt, we will adopt it quickly. If she [the minister] really wanted that one adopts its bill, that the debate is done, it would have taken to advance”, he argued. He laments that the debate on the clauses of disparity of treatment to be bypassed, due to lack of time.


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