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THREE-RIVERS — last summer, in La Tuque, Quebec and Ottawa announced a total investment of $ 26 million in two infrastructure projects in telecommunications that will enable the high speed Internet connection and the increase of the cell coverage on route 155. However, the firm in charge of the realization is called Solutions Ambra, of Trois-Rivières.

Since its incorporation in 2007, the company founded by Eric The Happy never ceases to stand out in the world of telecommunications engineering, having developed its expertise in wireless technologies (LTE, satellite, radios, mesh and micro-wave). And the association with Alex, Léveillée has made it possible to include the design and manufacture of products that are robust, reliable and durable to meet the specific needs of many customers in the industrial field.

Today, its multidisciplinary team is comprised of highly qualified engineers and technicians of experience that provide solutions and technical support reliable throughout the world. In full expansion, the company has already doubled its specialized staff and expects a solid growth for the next few years, where the construction of a building in the course of the summer, at the intersection of St-Jean, and L.-P.-Normand in Trois-Rivières. It is besides the offices already existing in Montreal and Calgary.


Solutions Ambra has created its fame thanks to a customer in the field of mining, at the start particularly with open-pit mines and then also respond to the needs of mining companies operating underground mines. This specialty adds to the other clients working in the fields of industry, distribution services, public safety, as well as with municipalities and governments.

It is under this last aspect that Solutions Ambra has obtained the financial support of the provincial governments (Québec Branché) and federal (Connect to Innovate) for the realization of telecommunications projects extending over the territories of the Haute-Mauricie up in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean. These projects aim at the construction of a new backbone optical fiber between Saint-Tite, the hometown of the founder, and Chambord.

The new infrastructure will help not only to the citizens of Lake Edward, The Bostonnais, Hervey-Jonction, Saint-Joseph-de-Mékinac, Lac-à-Beauce, Lac-Chat, Lac-Bouchette, Parent and La Tuque to benefit from a network the Internet to fiber-optic high-performance and new cell towers LTE, but will also a new alternative connectivity optical for the region of La Tuque.

Moreover, his association with the company Ecotel, a cellular operator canadian registered with the ITU and the CRTC, allows for the issuance of SIM cards to private and custom. Solutions Ambra was thus able to meet the demand evident in the region of the Haute-Maurice to obtain a network of reliable communication. Ecotel has cellular spectrum in Canada, which is used for industrial customers in remote areas for the operation and deployment of integrated services of cellular networks private LTE.

This unique solution allows you to operate and manage its own LTE network, regardless of the large companies. “This flexibility allows us to meet the specific needs of our customers and offer solutions, IOT and 5G,” said the president.

The LTE technology is currently being used for routing of data over the cellular network. It is the evolution of all the standards of mobile telephony and is clearly superior to previous technologies. It is the perfect convergence of Internet, mobile, new technologies and everything that relates to it.

By putting this technology at the disposal of its customers, Solutions Ambra allows you to automate their procedures and facilitates the integration of digital technologies in its operations. Solutions Ambra has also recently deployed the first LTE network private underground in North America in collaboration with the LaRonde mine, the company Agnico Eagle.

“This network spans more than three kilometers deep, allowing for infinite possibilities such as telemetry, automated data collection, location of workers, the remote control of vehicles, mines, etc,” says Mr. L’heureux.

It reports that the field of telecommunications expertise of the firm’s Solutions Ambra is very wide and allows to respond adequately to the demands of its customers.

“Each issue proposed is seen as a challenge to take and a customized solution will be proposed to achieve the highest levels of communication. The research and development team can design a product perfectly suited to a specific application. In addition, Solutions Ambra is involved in several development projects with the aim to create an ecosystem around LTE technology,” he concludes.

Solutions Ambra in figures


Square feet per floor of the new building


Kilometres deep to the extent of the network


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