Baptism professional for Gabriel Balbinotti

Baptême professionnel pour Gabriel Balbinotti

THREE-RIVERS — After having concluded his course at the Academy of the Montreal Impact with an exclamation point last year, Gabriel Balbinotti has reached a new stage in the hope to be, one day, the jersey of the great montreal club in Major League Soccer. A member of the Ottawa Fury this season, the striker 20-year-old has recently played his first minutes of play among professionals in the United Soccer League.

In 2017, the He adoption had a misfortune with the training U-18 Academy passed 23 goals in as many games. His performance had even been able to represent Canada at the Games of la Francophonie in Côte d’ivoire, in addition to earn an invitation to training camp of national team under 23 years old.

His brilliance has also earned an invitation to training camp winter of the Montreal Impact, after which he was assigned to Ottawa to continue his journey.

“I really learned a lot during these two months. It is thanks to my final year at the Academy that I was able to experience it. I am happy to be in Ottawa now and I hope to one day be able to graduate with the Impact”, he says, in a telephone interview with Le Nouvelliste.

On 21 April, the former Academy of the Booms has so lived his baptism professional by bringing into the fray in the 84th minute of the game, to the Space TD of Ottawa, during a 1-1 face to the North Carolina FC.

It is necessary to go back to 2008 to see players attached to the region reach this level of the game. At the time, Nicolas Lesage, Jean-Louis Bessé, François Boivin and Guillaume Barrette wore the uniform of the Attak de Trois-Rivières, then club-school of the Impact. During the summer of 2008, Lesage and Bessé had even had a few minutes of play with the Impact, which played in the USL.

Now this first step has been taken with the Fury, Balbinotti will need to earn the trust of the coach, Julian De Guzman, a former member of the national team. “My first few minutes of the game were well spent. I really like it here, with the Fury. There has been a little down for the start of the year (record of 0-4-1), but we know that it’s going to be placed. I think the coach likes what I can bring. It’s going to be up to me to work hard to get game time and, from there, it is their decision,” said Balbinotti, who already knew the Thomas Best-Giguere, Maxim Tissot, Maxime Crépeau and Jimmy-Shammar Sanon as he has worked with over the years in the bosom of the Academy.

Promising youth
During this time, some of the other players of the region continue their training within the various structures of the elite.

First of all, Dumel Kamwa flows in his second year at the Academy of the Montreal Impact. Product of the sports program of the Academy of the Booms, it is changing with the training U16 and U17 montreal within the circuit and United States Development Soccer Academy. In 9 meetings, the attacker of origin cameroon scored a goal so far.

“It’s going well for him, according to what told me his coach. It has grown and grown, which will help him in his journey,” said Durnick Jean, regional technical director at the Association régionale de soccer de la Mauricie.

For his part, Xavier Laneuville dons the uniform of the Club de soccer de Trois-Rivières, in the network U21 AAA, before starting his career within the prestigious Academy, Montverde, Orlando. The talented midfielder had also launched a campaign sociofinancement last year in the hope of gaining access to this institution where the entry price is set at US $50,000.

Finally, two of the young Rebels of the East come just to earn a spot on Team Québec U14, Franck-Loïc Zoumesi and Anthony Vega. The doors of the national Center of high performance could also open soon for these two players.

Two girls at CNHP
For girls, two players continue on their way to the CNHP, Shanie Soulières and Florence Brunelle. The latter will align with the team’s U15 AAA of the CSTR this summer before returning to the CNHP to fall for a second year. For its part, Soulières has just completed its second year as a CNHP and should evolve with training in Cap-Rouge and Saint-Augustin in U16 AAA, in the absence of a team of this caliber in the Mauricie region.

“The two are playing at the right back corner. They continue to progress well with the best of their age. In girls, the national team begins at the age of 17. It is at this time that we can better know what to expect of them for the result”, explains Durnick Jean.


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