Attack of Toronto: Khadir reported in the “contagion”

Attaque de Toronto: Khadir signale le «phénomène de contagion»

The member of parliament for Québec solidaire Amir Khadir, wants to invite the society to reflect on the phenomenon of “contagion” of crimes like this committed in Toronto, the 23 of April. A collective reflection is required, ” he said.

“There are things that we can not predict, grants-in-t-he entry game in an interview. Such crimes are unpredictable. We cannot make the whole society responsible for their occurrence in absolute terms, but there is a phenomenon of contagion,” said he; ” the acts of the few giving ideas to others.

Amir Khadir discusses three levels to this imitation. The first one is the draft act — by mimicry, precisely.

The second concerns the means and methods used by the killers. “There, about the truck-ram in Toronto, it is income in the media for three days on the size of the vehicle and we heard experts tell us that, according to its tonnage, in such a way could cause more or less dead. What is it that you think that can happen when you do that? We pave the way for a contagion on the means to be used. We offer revenue.”

Mr. Khadir would like to say that he “celebrates” the freedom of information, that it does not seek to compel. He, however, believes that the media should be guided by codes of ethics that would take account of these attacks now recurring.

“Ideological Contagion”

Last Tuesday, the national Assembly, Amir Khadir, said that “the question of the contagion of these events arises”, that “the treatment that we, in fact, collectively, certainly has an impact”, and that he should engage in a “debate”. This is just what he had said. In the hubbub of the day, his words had not been reported by the media.

It was held in the framework of a tribute made in parliament to the victims of the attack truck, ram at Toronto.

On Monday, Mr. Khadir has accepted the invitation of the Sun to develop the idea that he had launched.

In the interview, the member of parliament for Mercier invites the political leaders here and elsewhere do not create an “ideological contagion” through too much “polarization” of debates; to avoid “feeding”, even without intending to, a form of resentment to the place of one group or the other of the company, resentment that a “poor guy” may then “consume”.

According to him, it is on this third plan that “is the largest part of the accountability of both the political and the media world”. It is on this plan that they can no longer act, he said.


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