A tandem of mauritius to the bar of the Voltigeurs?

Un tandem mauricien à la barre des Voltigeurs?

CHRONIC / what Is a tandem of mauritius could take the helm of the Acrobats in the next few weeks?

The answer is yes!

Jean-Philippe Glaude, the trail of Predators, has been approached by the management of the Voltigeurs to participate in the process to identify a successor or successors to Dominique Ducharme, party assist with Claude Julien with the Montreal canadiens.

Glaude is well-known in Drummondville, he played four seasons with the Voltigeurs at the turn of the years 2000. He then followed that up with a brilliant university internship at the Patriots, before enjoying brief professional hockey in Europe.

Since a few years, it is noted as a recruiter, have managed to sell many Quebecers to his bosses, including ex-Cataracts Samuel Girard and Frédérick Gaudreau, who have done very well appear.

The interest of the Voltigeurs to the place of Glaude does not date from yesterday. Two years ago, before hiring Ducharme, the president Éric Verrier was a first time probed the ground with the He. He had been flattered by the flirting, before deciding to skip his turn.

The story will be different this time? It’s not impossible.

One thing is for certain, the Voltigeurs are a lot more desirable at this time, Ducharme has been working like a maniac to prepare the team to dominate the QMJHL next year. Maxime Comtois and Felix Lauzon will be added to the puzzle in the draft, two acquisitions that, in my opinion, put the Voltigeurs as training to fight in 2018-19.

Reached by phone Monday evening, Glaude has preferred not to comment on the situation. Therefore, it has not wanted to confirm our information. However, he has not denied being currently in the reflection!

Lavoie should be sought
If ever Glaude decides to dive, you can bet that he will try to attract his good friend Frederic Lavoie with him to take the guides behind the bench. The friendship between the two men hockey is cast into the concrete.

They have shared the same locker room with the Patriots, Glaude is well-placed to know what kind of leadership Lavoie may exercise, As to its qualities as a coach, they are recognized by many players in the middle, not just at Glaude.

Remember, Dominic Ricard had tried to hire him in his last miles with the Voltigeurs. Last year, Martin Mondou has held to the encounter before you choose a new driver. To Ricard as at Mondou, Lavoie has served in the same speech: it is well in the midget AAA, he still believes to be able to develop in this universe it also offers a much better work-family balance.

The example of Bouchard
Even if they are friends, Glaude will therefore have to be up early to blow up the career plan of Lavoie.

Note, this is not impossible. The proof is currently in Rouyn-Noranda.

Gilles Bouchard is pleased with the Patriotes of UQTR, after a long reign with the Booms midget AAA. He had never sent a c. v. in the major junior, his name did not circulate too much and he wasn’t offended at all, happy in her hometown of adoption.

All that changed when the phone rang, and his good friend André Tourigny offered him his estate. The Huskies have surrounded him and are granted good working conditions, what convinced him to take his knapsack and settle in Abitibi.

Of course, we’re not there yet with the Voltigeurs. First, let’s see, which way will Glaude after its reflection. He has the ear of its patrons in Nashville. But hey, on the other hand, it must be tempting to take control of the junior team which he proudly wore the colors for four years.


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