The beginning of the racing season at the Hippodrome 3R

Début de la saison des courses à l’Hippodrome 3R

THREE-RIVERS — jockeys and fans of horse racing will find a horse race track revamped this Sunday on the occasion of the start of the new season.

The track of the hippodrome Trois-Rivières has been improved and redesigned. The enlargement of the right has been removed to make racing more exciting. “This will prompt drivers to change their strategies,” stresses Murielle Thomassin, the director-general of the Hippodrome 3R.

“By removing the enlargement, it changes the dynamic of the race. Jockeys should try sooner to overtake the horses in front of them. For ordinary mortals, it may seem minimal as a change. But it is big for the punters.”

Aware that new customers may have difficulty to demystify the functioning of the paris, the management of the Hippodrome 3R adds a kiosk, “How to bet”. Employees of the new team information will explain the different types of bets to diversify the experience.

“The bet can be something complex,” said Ms. Thomassin. “Anyone who enters a racetrack, and that doesn’t really know it was difficult to find in paris. It is intimidating. People come to enjoy the atmosphere and see the race, but they don’t gamble ever.”

In addition, the buffet room has undergone a facelift. The catering service, provided by Barbecue North-South, however, will be back.

Racing fans will also be pleased to learn that the system of cameras for the broadcast of the races will be modernized. Indeed, HD cameras and 4K connected by the optical fiber will be installed. This may even lead, according to the general manager of the Hippodrome 3R, the possibility of new paris.

“All of these improvements are part of a long-term perspective to make the hippodrome a welcoming place and the family”, stresses the management of the Hippodrome 3R.

One of the unmissable events of the season 2018 will certainly be the Grand Prize. The jockeys will compete for not less than $ 250,000 in scholarships during this single day of racing. This year, the Hippodrome 3R will present 40 programs of races every Sunday until November 18, and Tuesday from may 29 to August 21. The objective is to give scholarships totaling nearly $ 2.5 million this season. However, more bets are many more scholarships are important. All of the programming of the new season can be found on the website of the Quebec jockey Club at the


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