Players from the Rivermen are waiting for their pay

Les joueurs des Draveurs attendent leur paie

THREE-RIVERS — Étienne Boileau no longer operate the franchise in the Three-Rivers League north american hockey, but he still needs money to players of the Rivermen.

The captain of the team, Jonathan Bellemare, has confirmed that he and his teammates are still waiting to receive their pay of the last games of the season. In an interview with the Nouvelliste, he said he was confident that the everything is set up in the days to come.

“Mr. Boileau has made great efforts to make it work in Three Rivers, but unfortunately, it has not been easy. He had encountered problems in relation to the payroll earlier in the campaign and it had honored its contracts. It should be the case again this time,” said Bellemare, who claims to have always maintained a healthy relationship with the big boss of the organization.

“We wanted to give him the most slack possible. Currently, we are in a bit of nothingness, I have more or less contact with him. We commissioned one of the guys in the room to be our spokesperson, and the file follows its course. One thing is for certain, it was very present during the season. It was a first experience of his side in the game of hockey and it can’t be a great love story when your team is struggling and you have trouble paying the players. However, it is known that he worked very hard.”

In four years in Three Rivers, Bellemare says that this is the first time that he finds himself in such a situation. “Wait until after my pay at the end of the season, this is actually a first. It is stressful for everyone, we look forward to have news.”

In a few weeks, we will know also if a group of investors will purchase the Rivermen… or if the franchise will disappear for good frames of the LNAH.

“What makes me laugh is that people begin to react while the financial difficulties of the club, we talk about it for at least three years. The Colosseum is almost dead, there’s a lot of atmosphere. It turns round and round, but I sincerely wish that it saves the team. I haven’t talked to Yves Tremblay, or Dean Lygitsakos, except that the survival of the Raftsmen will pass by a group of local shareholders, I am sure. If there is a recovery plan, of course.”

Bellemare, him, said, reflection on his future as a hockey professional. “If the team relocates, it may accelerate my decision-making process, especially at 35 years of age. But I don’t want the team to go.”

The list of protection of the Rivermen is frozen until may 14. The commissioner of the tour, Richard Martel, hope by then that the business people of the Mauricie region, will manifest themselves in order to preserve the club in the rink in the park of the Exhibition.

The owner of Plant Sports, Yves Trembay, is ready to take over if conditions are deemed favourable. A meeting is scheduled this week with the City of Trois-Rivières.


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