16th Symposium of Science at the Collège Shawinigan

16e Symposium des Sciences au Collège Shawinigan

The Collège Shawinigan and the program of the natural Sciences invite the public to its 16th Symposium of Science. More than 25 projects carried out by graduates of the program of the Sciences of nature and those of the second year of the program Techniques of computer science will be presented.

The 200 expected visitors will be able to discover the effect of music on the growth of corn plants, on the efficacy of disinfectant wipes, to understand the functioning of the mechanical clock, as well as the effects of temperature on athletic performance.

The event will take place on may 9th from 9: 30 p.m. at Collège Shawinigan. From left to right: students in the natural Sciences Alexis Materne, Sébastien Lebel, David Arcand, president of honor of the Symposium, Marylee Mercier, Rose Gauthier, Gabrielle Matteau and Anthony Fournier.


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