The minimum wage will increase to $ 12 per hour in Quebec on Tuesday

Le salaire minimum passera à 12 $ l’heure au Québec mardi

MONTREAL – The minimum wage will increase by 75 cents per hour this week in Quebec, rising to $ 12 per hour on the 1st of may.

This increase will benefit almost 353 000 workers, mainly women, according to the ministry of Labour.

Quebec, however, remains far behind other provinces in this chapter. The minimum wage in Ontario, in particular, is $ 14 an hour, and it will be 15 $ on the 1st of January next. In Alberta, it is already 15 $.

On the side of employers ‘ organisations in quebec, this increase of 75 cents, the fear of job losses, or at the very least, a reduction in hours of work.

As for the trade unions, they are applauding this decision, stating however that it is insufficient and that they will continue their crusade to ensure that the minimum wage be raised to $ 15 per hour.

In a new study, the Institute of research and socio-economic information (IRIS) believes that the positive impact of the minimum wage to $ 15 would be 9 to 11 times greater than the effect of job losses to be recognized.


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