Tax returns: you only have a few hours, before the penalties

Déclarations d’impôt: il ne vous reste que quelques heures, avant les pénalités

OTTAWA – canadian taxpayers have until Monday night, midnight, to submit their income tax returns.

Has the Canada revenue Agency, a little more than 20 million returns had been received as of Saturday morning, out of a projected total of 29 million.

Latecomers are subject to penalties of 5 % of the balance due, if this is the case, plus 1 % for each month of delay.

The Agency recommends that taxpayers who cannot pay the full amount due of to convey when even the statements before the deadline to avoid paying penalties. A payment agreement can be entered into.

It should be noted that the self-employed have a reprieve. They have until June 15 to file their returns.

This year, more than 90 % of declarations were submitted electronically.


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