Sonia LeBel jumps into the political arena

Sonia LeBel saute dans l’arène politique

Three Rivers — It is now official. Sonia LeBel will be the candidate of the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ-quebec) in the riding of Champlain in the next election. The former chief prosecutor of the Charbonneau commission embodies for the party of François Legault fight to the corruption.

“I’ve fought crime, I have fought against collusion and corruption. And it has always been done in the best interests of the citizens”, said during his swearing-in ceremony to the new candidate of the CAQ in Champlain. “In terms of corruption and collusion, it is not necessary to think that the situation is definitively resolved. You should never think that the fight is won and lower arm. It is the duty of a government to ensure to be always vigilant.”

Sonia LeBel claims to make the jump to policy for Quebec and its political class must not forget the conclusions of the Charbonneau commission (commission of inquiry on the awarding and management of public contracts in the construction industry).

The leader of the CAQ, François Legault, was proud to present its new candidate a star. Moreover, several members of his party were present for the announcement of this nomination. Although we are still far from elections, François Legault would not hesitate to say that Sonia LeBel, who has served for a year as a counsellor in justice to him, is a person who has the qualities to become a minister. He mentioned this possibility to a few times on Sunday morning.

“She will be called upon to play an important role in our future government,” he confirmed.

When the announcement of the nomination of Sonia LeBel is specified there are a dozen of days, the liberal member for Laviolette, minister of the Mauricie and Tourism minister, Julie Boulet, said it had “not look nice”. This impression of the former minister of Transport came to his appearance before the Charbonneau commission. As Sonia LeBel that its leader François Legault have turned out to be a joke this note by stating repeatedly to the contrary under the laughter of the activists present.

More details Monday in Le Nouvelliste


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