“Policies” policies: the good and the harmful…

«Stratégies» politiques: des bonnes et des nocives...

DECODING / taking leave of the journalists to go and debate with Philippe Couillard, on Wednesday afternoon, Jean-François Lisée was let go with a quip : “I wonder if I shouldn’t send Catherine Fournier to my place”…

The star of the day, it was his young deputy of Marie-Victorin. The day before, she had stood up to the prime minister asking him about the appointment to the boards of directors of Crown corporations to persons having a link with the liberal Party of Quebec.

This is not the so-called “paternalism” which would have shown Mr. Couillard is to retain; it is the plumb line and the tenacity of the member of parliament for 26 years, even if the reality of “partisan appointments” is much more nuanced than that presented it. In this folder, Ms. Fournier was a strategy planned and thought of by the Parti québécois.

«Stratégies» politiques: des bonnes et des nocives...

Mp pq Marie-Victorin, Catherine Fournier, 26 years old

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In referring to a “closing” to complete the path Roxham, Jean-François Lisée was not at all in a strategy planned in advance. Absolutely not.

He had summoned a media scrum to present two of its candidates for the elections, which Paul St-Pierre Plamondon. At the very end, moving on to something else, a journalist asked him how he “shut up” the way Roxham. It is at this time that he dropped the word “fence”.

Members of the caucus of the parti québecois have been surprised to discover the words of their leader. No one had been warned. And for good reason, since this case was not planned.

It is only thereafter, and after you have sketched a side step, the leader of the parti québecois has decided — and because there was now obliged to turn his exit strategy; take advantage of it to re-enforce the reasons of his calls for the suspension of the agreement on the “safe third countries” with the United States — which would allow asylum seekers to pass through the border crossings.

When Philippe Couillard spoke of”far-right” on Wednesday to describe the Coalition avenir Québec, it was, to him, ostensibly in a strategy, a strategy of demonization.

10 days ago, the minister Gaétan Barrette had given this side in speaking of the QAF as a “right asserted” and “right cold”.

But in this strategy, Mr. Couillard has suddenly pushed the plug too far. The proof of this? 10 days ago, the same minister Barrette also said this : “We don’t have in Quebec, I think, of the political parties that qualify as far-left or far-right.”

Expect to see it to believe it

Two sea snakes have reappeared in the national Assembly : proportional representation and the record of expenditure of mps.

For these two subjects, it will, however, wait to see to believe. Do not doubt the sincerity of the Parti québécois, the Coalition avenir Québec and Québec solidaire, of wanting to present a bill to introduce proportional voting — if one of them takes power.

But if one of them forms the government, will move there until the end even if citizens eventually find it too complex a system of proportional representation? Will move there until a law in good and due form, when, in some corners of Quebec, the voice will come to say that it is not necessary to enlarge the size of constituencies — because there should be less to make room for the “members list”?

A same healthy skepticism is called for on the following real who will be made to the resolution adopted unanimously, requesting “a detailed report of the expenditure is published after each parliamentary missions” of quebec mps abroad.

Logically, and for it to be serious, there should be this sudden desire applies to all of the allowances of elected representatives, whether they are related to their “annual allocation expense”, to their “travel allowance in the constituency and elsewhere in Québec”, to the “reimbursement of accommodation expenses in Québec city” and “travel expense reimbursement”.


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