On the footsteps of the queen

Sur les traces de la reine

THREE-RIVERS — For the canoe and kayak Club of Three Rivers, it has become almost a habit to see Laurence Vincent-Lapointe shine to the four corners of the planet. She is the undisputed queen. Not far behind, in the shadow of the world champion, a young canoeist 19 years of age is spawning the past few years, a journey among the world’s elite and dream of the olympic Games. Those of Paris, in 2024.

At 19 years old, Anne-Sophie Lavoie-Parent has crossed a new milestone in its journey over the last few days by being selected on the national senior team, following the national trials for Canoe / kayak Canada, even if it is still of category U23.

Yet, there was nothing to suggest that it would have its place alongside the best dieted canadian after a training camp in the semi-shade. For the national trials, she had even been ruled out of the team events. However, Lavoie-Parent has taken things in hand at the national trials in Gainesville, Georgia, which convinced the leaders of the canadian team made a place for him in the sight of the two stages of the world Cup this summer.

“I’m really happy to have been chosen. It is very motivating, after all the efforts put in training. It was my main goal this year, even if I’m still category U23. I had the confidence to earn my place,” said the student at College Laflèche.

From 18 to 20 may, in Szeged in Hungary, the protégé of Mathieu Pelletier will not be his first international experience in a senior event, when it will take place on the starting line. Last year, she took part in two slices of the world Cup, in Hungary and in Serbia, winning even a silver medal in the C2 200 m in the company of his partner Nadya Crossman-Serb.

During the summer of 2017, it had also stolen the spotlight at the Canada Games in Winnipeg, offering two gold medals in individual (200 m and 500 m), add three silver medals to events by team, (C2 200 m, C2 500 m and C4 200 m).

A year later, Lavoie-Parent feels even better equipped to shine among the best in the world.

“We are seven girls on the national team. I don’t know yet what races I will do. It was a training camp in Nova Scotia before the world Cup. We are going to do testing, and we will then know what races we will participate.”

The kits of the champion
Despite its interesting progression within the canadian team, Lavoie-Parent remains inevitably stuck behind the queen’s world canoeing feminine. It has once again been able to observe the power of Vincent-Lapointe during the national trials, but she has defeated three world brands.

“I had the impression that the gap between us was a little bit shrunk… up to the national trials!”, highlights Lavoie-Parent.

In his eyes, Laurence Vincent-Lapointe plays a dual role. Not only she is the girl to beat on the starting line, but it is also an excellent model to follow in its progression.

“When someone is in front of you, you want to beat it. In my case, it was Laurence. And it is much ahead of me. I try to get as close to them as possible. I am encouraged, because I am a gradual curve. Also, I believe that it is good to have a model like that near me. Yes, Laurence and Katie (Vincent) still have a tick on me. But this is not necessarily a bad thing that I have to compete with them. In addition to being the best in Canada, they are the best in the world!”

Slowly, but surely, Lavoie-Parent hope to one day join the best canoeist of the world e and follow in his footsteps, en route to the olympic Games. If Tokyo 2020 may appear premature in its journey, the) 19-year-old admits to having her eyes glued on Paris 2024. “I think that this is a goal a little more attainable,” emphasizes the one who had participated in the olympic Games the youth of 2014, in China.


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