Boileau gives up Three-Rivers

Boileau abandonne Trois-Rivières

THREE-RIVERS — After a few weeks of reflection, Étienne Boileau has ruled. The business man of the metropolis has notified the commissioner of the LNAH Richard Martel a few hours ago that he was no longer going to operate a franchise in Trois-Rivières. Boileau’m currently looking to find another home port, but what is certain is that it has scratched the cité de Laviolette of its options.

“It’s official, Stephen will not be back at Trois-Rivières. For the rest, we’ll see if he decides to continue to make hockey elsewhere. There is nothing set to this chapter. What is settled, it is that he will not be back to Three-Rivers,” repeated Martel, question be correctly understood.

The reign of Boileau will, therefore, have been very short to the head of the Rivermen. A season of nightmare proportions as much on the transactions, that results on the ice and the crowd at the counters. He has lost several tens of thousands of dollars in the adventure.

So this is not a surprise if Boileau has not too much the taste of a second round in the capricious market he. Martel hope, however, that local investors will occur, now that the playing field is free. Moreover, the LNAH has been frozen until may 14, the protection list of Three-Rivers, issue of material to offer if the phone rings. “In an ideal world, it is sure that you hope that Three Rivers will remain among us. It is a beautiful market. The ball is in the camp of the men of affairs of the Mauricie region. If some are interested, they only have to show up!”

Spring animated
Martel is expecting a spring eventful. Promoters in the cities of Berlin, in the United States, Roberval and Granby are currently exploring the possibility of making a request for a team expansion. At the same time, the training of Rivière-du-Loup and Thetford Mines, which would be unfortunate in the leadership of Martel, still have not formalized their return to 2018-19. “There is a lot of interest in our league at the present time. Beat records of audience in the series, it’s crazy steep! Where all these discussions will lead? I ignore it for the moment. We’ll see where we are on may 14.”

For his part, Yves Tremblay argues always be ready to take over at Three-Rivers Boileau, if conditions are favourable. The owner of the Plant that Sports would then team up with Dean Lygistakos to try to revive the concession. However, he wished to obtain more support from the City. A meeting is scheduled next week to explore some of the scenarios, with a small cure of youth for the old Coliseum. If Tremblay is not afraid to get wet publicly, it will wait for the call from Martel. “I have conditions to resume the team. The League is well aware of these conditions. If she is interested, Richard Martel knows where to find me.”


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