The midget CC to the american League

Du midget CC à la Ligue américaine

THREE-RIVERS — The-hatch offensive of Morgan Adams-Moisan this winter has not gone unnoticed. The colossus of 20-year-old has accepted on Thursday the terms of a contract one-year, two-pronged, with the Rocket of Laval, in the american League for the season 2018-19.

“All I wanted was a chance for me to shine in the pros. This is the Rocket that I offer. I couldn’t ask for anything more. I’m going to work hard to get me a place in Laval”, and reflected the Latuquois.

The staff of the Canadian was quick on the trigger in that folder, taking the speed of other teams interested in his services. “It’s a nice contract that he has signed. The Canadian has shown a lot of interest. I was confident that other teams would put offers, but when it arrived, there was no need to wait”, said his agent, Paul Corbeil.

The progression of Adams-Moisan is fascinating. Here is a young man who was playing midget CC in her hometown when Frédéric Lavoie has decided to make him a place with the Booms midget AAA. After three seasons with the Armada in a support role under the direction of Joel Bouchard, it has been exchanged for a mouthful of bread to Voltigeurs de Drummondville Dominique Ducharme, who entrusted him with responsibilities offensive. His response: 32 goals and 61 points in 68 games! “I owe a lot to these coaches. It is Frederick who has offered me a first chance. Without him, I wouldn’t be here. I then made a lot of progress with Joel and Dominique made me trust on the plan offensive. I was lucky to have been so well-directed”, said Adams-Moisan, who also wanted to share the reflectors with his fellow trio. “As soon as Dominique I met Xavier Simoneau and Cedric Desruisseaux in the beginning of the season, there was a click. We had such a beautiful chemistry…”, did he argue.

“The NHL teams are less likely to sign big guys for some time, but in the case of Morgan, his progress is inviting. If he progresses as much as 20 to 24 than it has done between 16 and 20 years, it’s going to become a catch! It reminds me a little of Ryan Clowe”, analyzed Corbeil.

For his part, Adams-Moisan does not need to look far for inspiration in his career. In Canada, there was a certain Nicolas Deslauriers, whose style of play is similar to his own. “It is sure that it is a beautiful model for me. I don’t gênerai not to attempt to play a bit like him.”

To achieve this, Adams-Moisan knows the main deficiency to which he must floor. “It is, of course, I need to improve my skating. Speed, it is so made it important. I’m going to put all the effort possible to make gains in this area.”

The next training camp in Laval, Adams-Moisan will find TJ Mélançon and Alexandre Alain, two of his former teammates who were also put under contract in the last few days. Some believe that within a few weeks, Joel Bouchard and Dominique Ducharme will also join the organization of the Canadian. The Latuquois has nothing against! “These are two excellent men of hockey, it would be an honor to play for them again. That said, I have no control over that. Me, my job is to prepare myself to force the hand of the coaches, regardless of who they will be at the next training camp.”


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