The CAQ wants a warning Silver for seniors missing

La CAQ veut une alerte Silver pour les aînés disparus

The Coalition avenir Quebec announced yesterday that a government caquiste would establish in Quebec a warning system inspired by the alert Silver, which exists in the United States and in some canadian provinces to find seniors missing persons with cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease.

The member of parliament for Lévis and spokesperson of the CAQ for seniors, François Paradis, said that concrete measures should be put in place to ensure that the 125,000 persons suffering from Alzheimer’s disease in Quebec are better protected. “The safety of our seniors and the most vulnerable people in our society should be a priority,” he said.

The alert Silver is inspired by the Amber alert, triggered when a child goes missing in Canada or in the United States and which is established in Québec since 15 years. Thirty american states, as well as Ontario, Alberta and Manitoba, also have a warning for the seniors missing.

The statistics of States that publish data related to their alert Silver shows that between 92 % and 99 % of seniors missing are found unharmed and that between 13 % and 27 % of these happy end are directly attributable to the alert Silver.

Critics of this alert, however, fear that the proliferation of alerts lead to be further ignored. In 2003, the ex-governor of the State of New York George Pataki had used his right of veto to oppose the placement of a warning Silver in the State, fearing that a new alert would weaken the system of Amber alerts, making the alerts are too frequent. Some counties in the State have adopted their own alert for the seniors missing.

As for Texas, it manages three types of alerts of this nature : the Amber alert, the alert Silver, and the alert Blue, the latter being launched in order to locate an assailant when a peace officer is killed or injured.


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