The CAQ “to the right”: Module raises the spectre of a health two-speed

La CAQ «à droite»: Barrette brandit le spectre d'une santé à deux vitesses

The minister of Health, Gaétan Barrette, raises the spectre of a health network at two speeds, with a medicine for the rich and another for the poor, if the party of François Legault takes power on the 1st of October.

Echoing the prime minister Philippe Couillard who, Wednesday, and Thursday morning, has not hesitated to call the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) training of the “hard right” or even”extreme right”, the minister Barrette has multiplied attacks against the CAQ Thursday, warning the population against the consequences of the election of a government caquiste on health care.

According to the minister Barrette, a government caquiste will lead to the privatization thrust of the health network, he commented on Thursday during consideration of the estimates of his ministry, and then press point by the following.

When he was questioned by media on whether the election of a government of the CAQ would create a health system with two speeds, promoting a medicine for the rich and another for the poor, Mr. Barrette has agreed to it.

“I see it definitely as that”, he responded, relying on the fact that the new candidate for the CAQ in Saint-Jérôme, the economist Youri Chassin, has written a number of texts when he was at the Montreal economic Institute through the promotion of private health.

The election of the CAQ would announce “a significant change in our system, that would impact” on the supply of health care, according to him.

In the morning, during the question period, he had already started the hostilities.

“There are 8.4 million people in Quebec who know absolutely nothing of the proposals of the CAQ, but they know that it is a party that is very right, which has recruited a candidate, which is called Youri Chassin, whose historical writings — historical — are in favour of privatising the health”, has he hammered.

Eric Cairo for the private sector?

His analysis is also based on the past positions of the member caquiste de La Peltrie, Éric Caire, a long and ardent supporter of the creation of private hospitals “lucrative”, according to the minister Barrette, who was himself a candidate for the CAQ in 2012, and was able to discuss these matters with Mr Cairo at the time.

Mr. Cairo defended its position in favor of a parallel network of private “very strongly” insisted Mr. Barrette, convinced that the mp had not changed position since.

“I know from a reliable source that Mr. Cairo is still in favour of private hospitals”, he said, fearing that such for-profit hospitals come to drain the resources of the public network.

He therefore asked the QCA to clearly say what are their positions in this regard. “I deplore the fact that the CAQ is hiding”, still not having revealed his program in the health sector, he said.

To the”extreme right” of the political spectrum

At the approach of the general election, the liberals are working to demonize the party of François Legault.

On Wednesday, the prime minister Couillard had accused his main opponent to propose a “hard right”. “They are at the extreme right,” he launched during an exchange with the chief caquiste in the framework of the consideration of the estimates of the executive Council.

Far from repentance, on Thursday, the head of government has delivered, taking him also to the positions expressed by Youri Chassin.

THE CAQ has tried to defend. The mp caquiste Jean-François Roberge has denied that his political training was of the extreme right. According to him, the CAQ is neither left nor right, but is a party that is “nationalist”.

“The CAQ is a party to a pragmatic party, a party to listen to the people, that rejects the labels of left, right. This is not the thing that defines us,” he said in a media scrum, denouncing at the same time the strategy of “lie organized” of the prime minister.

The CAQ wants to reinvest in education and in the public services, but recognises the existence of a private network and is in favour of free-choice, specified the member of parliament for Chambly. According to him, the liberals are in panic, because unable to defend their balance sheet.


A rare thing, the caquistes have been able to count on the support of the Parti québécois (PQ) and Québec solidaire (QS). The leader of the parti québecois, Jean-François Lisée, has accused the prime minister of lower the level of the debate in Quebec.

“There is no Marine Le Pen, of the fascist, of Donald Trump, it’s not”, he said on the sidelines of an event to the Conseil des relations internationales de Montréal (CORIM). “Privatization, this is not of the extreme right”, he continued.

The member of parliament for QS Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois has also complained about the “exaggeration” of which Mr. Couillard has demonstrated that by associating the CAQ to the far right.

“The CAQ is a right-wing party. Youri Chassin is a candidate very, very right, but not the CAQ this is not the extreme right, he said. The extreme right exists in Quebec. It’s Atalanta, it’s groups like these, but the words have a meaning and you can’t paste labels on the fly.”

The liberals have opposed a no-go on Thursday to the motion of the CAQ who claimed that no far-right party is represented in the national Assembly.


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