School elections: e-voting in place as soon as 2020, said the QBCF

Élections scolaires: le vote électronique en place dès 2020, dit la FCSQ

The electronic voting system will be in place as early as 2020 on the occasion of the next school elections, according to the Federation of school boards (QBCF). Québec also plans to push the school elections to 2020, which would at the same time to launch a reflection on the establishment of a mechanism for electronic voting.

“We’re ready to be the first. It is ready and the application”, has announced in an interview to the Sun the president of the QBCF, Alain Fortier.

“There is a discussion that is ongoing with all political parties. Given the proximity to the provincial election, but above all with the intention of several members of parliament and the school boards want to think about a method of electronic voting that could promote the participation in the elections”, the government is assessing the possibility of extending the next election-to-school in 2020, has explained the minister of Education, Sebastien Proulx, on Thursday.

All parties in the national Assembly have expressed their support for the proposal, he confirms that, indicating that only Québec solidaire had not sent for the time for a response.

Schedule contention

The next election of school was planned for the month of November, a month after the provincial elections, on October 1.

“The moment we saw that there was a scheduling conflict between two democratic exercises, it was quickly understood that we would be in trouble if our exercise was held immediately after provincial”, explained Alain Fortier.

He added that he discussed with the ministry of Education the possibility of pushing the school elections since coming to office, there was about a year.

QBCF has long advocated for joining the municipal and school board elections to increase participation. Since this option has never been selected, ” says Fortier, “we turned to a modernization of citizen participation”.

“If we can do it at a school level as a pilot project, it is likely that all of the municipalities, the province as a whole, will also be able to take advantage of this mode of voting here,” observed the president of the QBCF.

If the electronic voting system works on the school level, ” notes Mr. Fortier, this method of voting could be extended to other levels of government.

E-voting will increase participation, he believes, but the community should mobilize its educational institutions.

“If we continue to denigrate them at the same time that it develops, there is something that is not going to,” said Mr. Fortier, pointing to the Coalition avenir Québec, which advocates for the abolition of school boards.



“I’m not in the habit of being a pessimist,” responded the president of the Fédération des commissions scolaires du Québec, Alain Fortier, on the possibility that the next government to be formed by the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ).

The CAQ wants to abolish school boards, but Mr. Fortier “not afraid” and is sure that the population of québec is aware of the importance of school boards.

Mr. Fortier recalled that two years ago, the government had submitted a project on the reform of the governance of the school. The school boards were now opposed to the measures put forward by the minister, who has finally abandoned his project.

“We will continue to work in dialogue with all political parties and we will take note of what is going to happen in the month of November”, said Mr. Fortier. “We will continue to explain the importance of the democracy school in Quebec,” he concluded.


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