New formula in the leaders ‘ debate

Nouvelle formule au débat des chefs

MONTREAL — the pivotal Moment of an election campaign, if there is one, the leaders ‘ debate takes a twist every popular this year, while a major media group has agreed to offer a debate in a new formula, where the heads of the major political parties will be faced concretely to the concerns of citizens from all corners of Quebec.

An agreement has been reached with the representatives of the four main political parties in the running to be the liberal Party of Quebec, the Parti québécois, the Coalition avenir Québec and Québec solidaire.

Focused on issues of concern to the population and be composed in good part of the questions asked by the citizens of all corners of Quebec, the debate will be moderated by Patrice Roy and broadcast live on Thursday 13 September, at 20h on the waves of ICI Radio-Canada Télé and ICI RDI, Télé-Québec and V Tv, on, La Presse +,, The canadian Press and the digital platforms of newspapers Le Devoir, Metro and The Business as well as the Huffington Post.

It will be freely accessible to any platform or to any group that will ask, in order to reach the broadest possible audience.

More details about the formula chosen will be announced closer to the event, but note already that the debate over a duration of two hours will be held at the Studio 43 of the Maison de Radio-Canada, and that all the questions will be asked by Patrice Roy and by the live audience from multiple sources via the regional stations, and social media.

“The leaders’ debate is a key moment in an election campaign, said in a press release Michel Cormier, executive director of information of Radio-Canada. We are proud to offer them in a formula that puts the citizen and his concerns at the heart of this democratic exercise is essential. We are also very happy to see that a large number of media have already accepted our offer to distribute to the greatest number of people possible on all platforms. The media consolidation has also the intention to consult with the public and citizens groups on the themes of the debate.”


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