Crisis in the Bloc québécois activists will seek a vote of confidence early

Crise au Bloc québécois : des militants demanderont un vote de confiance hâtif

OTTAWA — A quarantine district associations bloquistes are mobilizing to demand the holding of a vote of confidence early on the occasion of the general council of the party scheduled on Sunday with the support of the mp Mario Beaulieu, according to a source close to the ruling party.

The event that needs to raise a few hundred members aimed to resolve the crisis that has engulfed the Bloc since the end of the month of February. Seven of its ten members had then slammed the door.

The proposal that will be submitted to the members on Sunday by the chief bloquiste, Martine Ouellet, and the national office of the party provides for a vote of confidence on 1 and 2 June, with a referendum on the mission of the Bloc québécois as a promoter of Quebec independence.

The 42 constituency associations will propose that the referendum be cancelled and that a vote of confidence by universal suffrage took place on may 15. Their goal is to turn the page on this crisis once and for all as quickly as possible. A crisis caused, in their opinion, a problem of leadership.

Rumors circulated the past few weeks alleging that members require a vote of confidence on the course of the general council, but it seems that this idea was abandoned, since the vote would have been only a symbolic value.

Under the articles of association and regulations of the Bloc québécois, any vote of confidence must be held during a congress that brings together more activists. The next congress is expected in may 2019.

The member of parliament and chairman of the party, Mario Beaulieu, had withdrawn his support to Martine Ouellet it a month or so ago, who was recruited to become leader of the Bloc québécois.


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