A genuine jack-of-all

Un authentique touche-à-tout

THREE-RIVERS — the moment Yves Pelletier announced that he was going to present a first solo, it has aroused a great curiosity both in the public and among professional observers. The Trifluviens will answer their questions on may 5, 20 h, at the Théâtre du cégep de Trois-Rivières while the Shawiniganais will have to wait until September 29 to find out what it returns.

Echoes and critical of this show, which officially took to the skies in January are positive. Even in RBO, Yves P. Pelletier was already singular and the years have not changed a thing. The title, Me?, is already an index of the quest for identity which underlies the show and the content is varied and even eclectic, a testament to the personality of the comedian to none other similar.

After three months of performances, it also says it is very pleased not only of the content of his show but of the reception of the public. “The project has grown very organically from my desire to return to the stage solo. I am really very happy with the content. This is not a perfect show, but it is exactly the image of what I wanted and the tone, especially, is the one that I wanted. It is a show that looks like me and who is genuine.”

Of course, the humour, in various forms, is the fabric important, but the author and performer is happy to have included a personal touch that was more a matter of emotion. “Of course, I’m doing stand-up, storytelling, I make jokes and I feel like messing around, but there are also times when I like to say things in a different tone and I’m very proud of it. All the more that I really have a very nice listening on the part of the public. People are sensitive to what I have to offer and according to what I can see, they appreciate it.”

Me? reflected by its variety one facet of the personality of its author, jack-of-all enthusiastic and rather candid. “I’ve done all kinds of things in my career: from the humor, I facilitated programming, I’ve done movies, a lot of travel and all these things keep me passionate. It’s a part of me. The show reflects my strong side eclectic not only in the topics that I discuss, but also in the way that I present them. Behind it all, you can feel my desire very simple to have fun and the fact that I deeply love people. I love walking in Quebec to go to the encounter of the world.”

Yves Pelletier is currently working on the development of a documentary film, and in the discipline and solitude required for this work, the performances on stage register as of the relieving breaks. “Each show is a gift that I make myself,” says he.

While the technique of the stand-up is preferred by more and more comedians on stage, the approach Yves Pelletier is less a technique than a sincere sharing of the being that he is. “I have bits of stand-up, but I’m also making a story, I take the characters I have created through RBO. I would say that the 90 minutes of the show are divided about equally between the characters and the narration. Of course, even in my stories, I have a lot of gags, I play with the language, etc”

His fans would no doubt have caused riots if they had not had the opportunity to review Mr. Caron, Stromgol or the news bulletin for the hearing impaired but they are all of adventure just like Capernaum, a character also created within RBO but more recently. “I see people of all ages come to see the show: the parents with their children, and even grandparents. It makes me deeply happy to see that there is a continuity in what I do and that it passes from one generation to another. I realize that it is not necessary to have known my characters to enjoy them. They are funny in themselves without that young viewers have the references to the past.”

With experience, the comic note of its own ability to adapt to each audience, different reactions in each of the rooms before a gag or another. “I adapt to it without changing the show, but every place I go, I like to read the local newspaper to find out what people are interested in, what is going on in this corner here, and I have the impression that a real meeting is different every night.”

Tickets for the show are available via the ticket office at the hall Thompson.


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