Work is progressing well

Les travaux avancent rondement

SHAWINIGAN — The development of the future accelerator firms located in the old Centre funéraire Rousseau street Volunteers are going well. If all continues to go smoothly, the timelines should be respected, and the first tenants, the team members of the agency Cinetic, will be able to move as planned from 1 July.

Innovation and economic Development (IDE) Three-Rivers had also invited the media to a site visit, Tuesday afternoon. Its general manager, Mario De Tilly, took the opportunity to clarify that it will be the first facility of its kind to see the light of day at Three Rivers, and also to demystify what is an accelerator of business. It has particularly explained the differences between a motel industrial, incubator and accelerator companies.

“In a motel industrial, it offers the benefit of the building. People move in and take care of their business. In an incubator, we go further. There is a particular offer equipment sharing, secretarial services as well as accounting and other services to support them. It’s like an incubator for baby. It’s going to take a company to pamper and take care of it. For their part, the companies accepted in an accelerator, are already mature. They exist, already have a market, a product, and they want to take a quick expansion. We will therefore offer different support services,” said Mr De Tilly.

The work that has been ongoing since the month of February will transform radically the interior of the building from the city centre. A value of $ 1.7 million, they will give a shot of youth to the building, including nine of the plumbing, the ventilation, the roof, elevator and heating system. Including the purchase of the building, the overall cost of the project amounted to$ 2.5 Million. In total, 12 000 square feet will be available to rent. The works were entrusted to the general contractor Therrien. The consulting engineering firm MESAR took care of the engineering, while the firm Bilodeau, Barrel Leeming has been responsible for the architecture.

“This is a strategy declared to recover and recycle buildings to avoid creating a pressure on the vacant land. Our goal is to reduce the number of derelict sites to zero over the next four to five years,” says Mario De Tilly.

For their part, the leaders of the agency Cinetic, which specializes in the design, creating web and touch applications, say they are very excited to relocate their operations to the city centre. The brothers Kevin and Brian Pott are convinced that this relocation, as well as all the additional tools that will be available to them, will help them reach new heights.

“The companies accepted in an accelerator, are already mature. They exist, already have a market, a product, and they want to take a quick expansion. We will therefore offer different support services. ”

Mario De Tilly, director general of IDE Trois-Rivières

In business for nearly 20 years, the agency) has developed an expertise very sharp in the touch technologies.

“Our installation in the Accelerator companies will certainly help us achieve our growth objectives. Within 18 months, we hope to double our number of employees as well as our turnover,” says the creative director and partner in Cinetic, Kevin Pott.

Already almost full
A sign that the implementation of the first accelerator was expected, 85 % of the available space is already leased. Announcements regarding the future neighbors of Cinetic will be made soon.

“We quickly realised that there was an urgent need. This is the first [accelerator] that we are going to finish and install, but our intention is to open other,” says Mr. De Tilly.

In the optical to create other circles of the kind in the future, IDE Trois-Rivières is currently at work to find the buildings in the city centre that could accommodate them.

The director-general hopes that these projects will be announced and set to launch in 2018.


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