Ulysses is set

Ulysse est fixé

THREE RIVERS — While the clash of titans between Simon Kean and Adam Braidwood continues to chat away on social networks, the semi-final of the gala June 16 at the Centre Gervais Auto Shawinigan has just been strung. The Novelist has, in effect, learned that Yves Ulysse Jr (15-1, 9 K.-O.) will rub to Ernesto Espana (25-0-1, 20 K.-O.), a veteran of the venezuelan still undefeated since the beginning of his career.

A belt should also be in play for this duel, but there are still a few details to settle about it.

It must be said that volunteers do not run the streets to rub in the promising boxer of Eye of the Tiger Management. Last December, in Laval, Ulysses had delivered a superb performance on the radio network HBO in offering a unanimous decision victory in front of Cletus Seldin (21-1, 17 K.-O.), whose record was unblemished until then.

“It is important for us to provide a semi-final that looks great. There was never a half-measure with Ulysses then this is not obvious to find someone to fight him. With Ernesto Espana, it was a fight with a lot of potential. This is a guy who has not lost and who is ranked first in his country”, confirmed the Short-story the president of the Cataracts de Shawinigan, Roger Lavergne, who is organising the gala in partnership with the team Eye of the Tiger Management.

In career, the boxer, 36-year-old fought for the IBF title international super-lightweight. In October 2016, its tie in the face of the Spaniard Ruben Nieto had, however, deprived of the belt.

In addition to this semi-final, the fans that will take place in the Centre Gervais Auto on June 16, will also be able to see the long-awaited fight on the stage of heavyweights in the Canadian Simon Kean (14-0, 13 K.-O.) and Adam Braidwood (12-1, 11 K.-O.).

In sub-card, it is already expected that He François Pratte (6-0) climbed up into the arena, just as the three boxers of kazakhstan of EOTM Nurzat Sabirov (5-0, 5 K.-O.), Adriddin Akhmedov (1-0, 1 K.-O.) and Ablai Khussainov (8-0, 5 K.-O.) other announcements expected to follow shortly to complete this gala event is expected to nine fights.

A pre-gala festive
While working hard at the establishment of a board to the height, the sponsors of the gala are now working on a festive gathering before the gala.

For the occasion, Roger Lavergne and his band will be setting up a tent under which a group of music will provide a benefit, among others.

“We are working very hard on the tailgate. We want to demonstrate that an evening of boxing does not necessarily begin with the sound of the first bell”, image of the businessman.


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