The liberals continue to demonize the CAQ by associating it with the far right

Les libéraux continuent de démoniser la CAQ en l’associant à l’extrême droite

QUEBEC – The liberals of Philippe Couillard continued to demonise the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ), Thursday, associating it with the extreme right.

The prime minister had accused the day before his main opponent to propose a “hard right”. “They are at the extreme right, had it launched during an exchange with the chief caquiste François Legault in the context of the study of the appropriations of the executive Council. They say to the population: That is where we are. Here is what we will propose.”

Far from repentance, on Thursday, the head of government has delivered. He pressed Mr. Legault to clarify where he stands on the political spectrum, especially since the arrival in the ranks caquistes of the candidate Youri Chassin, an economist of the right.

“It is he who has cut in services to children who have learning difficulties, said the head caquiste of his seat in the blue Lounge. This is an extreme, very extreme.”

Jumping into the debate, the minister of Health, Gaétan Barrette, has said that they believe the CAQ seeks to privatize the health care network.

“There are 8.4 million people in Quebec who know absolutely nothing of the proposals of the CAQ, but they know that it is a party that is very right, which has recruited a candidate, which is called Youri Chassin, whose historical writings – historical – are in favour of privatising the health”, has he hammered.

The CAQ defends herself… and is supported by Québec solidaire

Earlier, the deputy caquiste Jean-François Roberge has denied that his political education is far-right. According to him, the CAQ is neither left nor right, but is a party that is “nationalist”.

“The CAQ is a party to a pragmatic party, a party to listen to people who reject the labels of left, right. This is not the thing that defines us,” he said in a media scrum, denouncing at the same time the strategy of “lie organized” of the prime minister.

The CAQ wants to reinvest in the public system of education, “is that it is to the extreme right it? I don’t think”, he added. According to him, the liberals are in panic, because unable to defend their balance sheet.

A rare thing, the member for Québec solidaire (QS), Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois is brought to the defence of the CAQ. He complained about the “exaggeration” of which Mr. Couillard has demonstrated that by associating the CAQ to the far right.

“The CAQ is a right-wing party. Youri Chassin is a candidate very, very right, but not the CAQ this is not the extreme right, he said. The extreme right exists in Quebec. It’s Atalanta, it’s groups like these, but the words have a meaning and you can’t paste labels on the fly.”

The liberals have opposed a no-go on Thursday to the motion of the CAQ who claimed that no far-right party is represented in the national Assembly.


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