The liberal mp Nicola Di Iorio leaving politics

Le député libéral Nicola Di Iorio quitte la politique

OTTAWA – The liberal mp Nicola Di Iorio will leave his post of federal member of parliament for family reasons.

“There is a concordance of events that I had to take this decision”, has he said Wednesday, without wishing to enter into the details of his personal life.

The one who represents the riding of Saint-Léonard-Saint-Michel in the region of Montreal was elected for the first time in the House of commons in the federal election of 2015.

This lawyer is known in parliament for his outspokenness. He had requested the prime minister Justin Trudeau to comply with the alternate French-English for the appointment of a chief justice of the supreme Court.

“I know that my intervention has made a very big difference, has he entrusted to you. I am a lawyer, I am a law professor and I am also a committed citizen and I think that it is a work which is beneficial for the country as a whole for years to come.”

Mr. Di Iorio has not yet determined the date of his last day in the Commons.

His departure will leave a third vacancy in Quebec. The government should always decide the date of a by-election in Chicoutimi-Le Fjord, following the departure of the liberal Denis Lemieux last autumn. The electoral district of Outremont will also become vacant in June when the ex-leader of the New democratic Party (NDP) Thomas Mulcair will retire from political life.

The riding of Saint-Léonard-Saint-Michel is seen as a strong castle of a liberal. Mr. Di Iorio had won the last election with and 64.7 percent of the vote, far ahead of its rival, new democrat.


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