The government Couillard wants to see the school elections to 2020

Le gouvernement Couillard veut reporter les élections scolaires à 2020

Québec also plans to push the school elections to 2020, which would at the same time to initiate a debate on the introduction of an electronic voting system.

“There is a discussion that is ongoing with all political parties. The laws in connection with the elections are a tradition to be adopted unanimously in the national Assembly. Given the proximity to the provincial election, but above all with the intention of several members of parliament and the school boards want to think about a method of electronic voting that could promote the participation in the elections,” commented the minister of Education, Sebastien Proulx, on Thursday.

All parties in the national Assembly had been consulted by the minister, and he confirms that, indicating that only Québec solidaire had not sent for the time for a response. A consensus would be possible on the postponement of the election school, ” added Mr. Proulx.

“I have a proposal on the table to postpone to 2020 the elections so that we can, during this time, instruct the Director-general of elections to offer us a mode of electronic voting”, he stressed.

The next election of school was planned for the month of November, just one month after the end of the provincial elections, on October 1.

The minister has indicated that a school election will cost approximately $ 13 million, and than pass to a mode of electronic voting would allow, among other cost savings, but would above all, judge said it, the participation.

A few months ago that the Federation of school boards (QBCF) was to postpone the election, confirms-t-on. The QBCF had shared his “discomfort” with the fact that the election scheduled for November to take place just after the provincial election.

The school boards have also adopted in December a resolution in support of the transition to e-voting.

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