The golf makes a return

Le golf effectue un retour

THREE-RIVERS — golf course going through a difficult period and must find a way to build a new customer base. Golf Mauricie, in partnership with Golf Quebec and the Academy of the Piers, will raise the concentration of study in sport for followers of the little white ball, which had disappeared for several years. A need, according to Michel Martin, who worked closely on the dossier for Golf Mauricie.

“We need this kind of program. It has very nice facilities at the Centre Alphonse-Desjardins, it should be used! You can leave the machine in 2018-19,” says Martin.

However, this is not him who will mentor the young people on a daily basis. These responsibilities will be rather entrusted to Yannick Bibeau. The recruitment goal, which was fixed at six adolescents, is modest, but Martin believes that the program may cover a dozen students in the medium term. “We are working with three school boards. There will be a golf course, physical training and strategy to the menu. Not need to hit like Tiger Woods to engage in the program. If a young person has the passion and the desire to improve, it will be a very good player. You can think able to bring our students to play normal from the fourth secondary. I think the formula is really appealing to young people. No other sports program does not have access to better infrastructure than ours, with our area of 125 feet for the striking interior, the latest technology in relation to the simulators.”

The program is in the process of finalize, still some arrangements to be completed. Martin thinks he can convince a few clubs from the region to be actively involved. “It is important that the community is mobilizing around this kind of initiatives. We will develop our reports. We will also try to find sponsors to secure a registration cost as low as possible. We had over 100 young people for a day of discovery last week. This is proof that if you put in the effort, we will be able to achieve very good results.”


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