Irregular Migrants: Lisée wants to close the path Roxham with a fence

Migrants irréguliers: Lisée veut fermer le chemin Roxham avec une clôture

The leader of the Parti québécois, Jean-François Lisée has suggested the installation of a fence in order to close the path Roxham, which is crossed by several irregular migrants.

“It is important to ensure, first, that the people have access to other entry points. If 91 % of the irregular entries were made in Quebec, it is because it’s the path of irregular the most famous in the world. […] Once it was decided that it gives them another way [that is to pass through the border], with the federal government, it is said that this path, which has been built, which is now widened, where there are huts around, well, it puts a closing”, said Mr. Lisée.

The establishment of a fence is, therefore, conditional upon the suspension of the agreement on safe third country, has suggested the head of the parti québecois.

Earlier, the spokesman for the opposition immigration, Catherine Fournier, had filed a motion seeking the closure of the path Roxham, as well as the national Assembly asked the federal government to suspend the agreement on safe third country.

According to the PQ, this agreement prevents the migrants to make a request for asylum by the entry points regular to the canadian border.

The leader of the parti québecois was not slow to come back to this surprising statement by posting a message on social media.

“The QLP agrees that Ottawa should suspend the agreement, which is the way Roxham the most famous in the world. The applicants will then enter by the border posts on a regular basis. How to indicate that Roxham is closed? A panel, a cedar hedge, a police officer ? No matter”, he wrote on Twitter.

More details to come…


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