Couillard waves a cloth anti-CAQ

Couillard agite un autre chiffon anti-CAQ

As if he brandished a threat, Philippe Couillard revealed that his government is to “count” the electoral commitments made to date by the Coalition avenir Québec. He said that the sum will rise easily — “at sight of nose” for the time — several billion dollars per year.

In a foretaste of the leaders ‘debate of next election campaign, the tone is quickly mounted between Philippe Couillard and the leader caquiste, François Legault, Wednesday, during the annual exercise of”study of budget appropriations” of the executive Council (the ministry of the prime minister of Quebec).

“How he can show the face of the Lac-Saint-Jean?”, has to enter the game launched Mr. Legault to Mr. Couillard having pointed out that the government reform the taxation school does not eliminate the inequities at the national level — and that the region containing the electoral district represented by the prime minister, provides a good example.

Philippe Couillard has been stung to the quick: the citizens of its region and elsewhere in Quebec “do not want the hard right advocated now by the CAQ,” he said.

“Do you think that the farmers of my region and other regions are going to trust” a party which has just hired a candidate as Youri Chassin? he asked without, however, mentioning the name of the latter. He was referring to the system of supply management.

The liberal leader has also denounced what he described as the “privatisation extreme of the health-care system” intended by the applicant when he worked at the Montreal economic Institute. Mr. Chassin has since indicated that it concurred with the positions of his party on these subjects.

On its launched, Philippe Couillard has argued that “any discourse that seeks to reduce immigration is fundamentally a discourse uneconomic”. Once again, it was the Coalition avenir Québec.

If Mr. Couillard had been stung to the quick, François Legault was ruffled, denouncing the “campaign of fear” being waged by the liberal leader. “It will not work ! Quebecers fail to board in his campaign of fear. It is right nasty.”

“Never, I will forgive him for having cut in services for the children in learning,” said Mr. Legault, ensuring that “nobody will make more than the CAQ in education” and that the liberal leader should “be embarrassed” to have signed the last agreement with the medical specialists.

“Human misery”

The leader of the Parti québécois, Jean-François Lisée, a pourfendu the cuts made by the liberal government early in the mandate, cutbacks that have created the “human misery” — “misery” that does not recognize Mr. Couillard said the pq’s . Mr. Lisée has also blasted the sudden generosity of government — the”explosion of spending” — in an election period.

On another level, he said he did not understand the “gift” of the C Series of Bombardier Aircraft.

“I’m going to present me with the strength of a balance sheet is unprecedented,” held to answer, Mr. Couillard referring to the upcoming campaign and sanding different elements: public finances healthier, low unemployment rate, decrease of the number of persons having recourse to the social assistance program and tone of the economic growth.

Participating in this debate, the solidarity Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois has accused the government of having supplied the populism “lacking transparency”.

The prime minister reiterated that his government will present by the end of the parliamentary session, a legislative proposal to amend the law on access to information. He agreed that it could not be passed before the elections, given the date it will be submitted to the national Assembly public consultations and which must subsequently be carried out. The work of adoption will continue in the next legislature, he said.

This leaders ‘ debate before the hour ended at 21h, after five hours of trade.


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